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Slayar 27-01-05 11:43

Restoring your interior seats colour (Sun fade ect..)
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I recently Brought some Seats s11 calais seats for my Colour Change from Grey to Red,..
Unfortunately with the Sun Faded white, It was Begining to look like Santas Sleigh,..

You can see the Difference between the restored Colour and how it originaly looked on the left,

Heres how to do it,.

1# remove the seats, (unless you are prepared to cover everything else in the car,

2# wash them with soap and water, then leave them to dry,

3# To save time while it is Drying take nanna to her local Craft and Dress making store, ours in newcastle is Spot-light, Buy a Soft Fabric spray, Old ladys Use it spray templates on Pillows, you can see the Brand I used in the pic, but there is a few to choice from, they come in nearly every colour,..

This Bonds over the fabric Colour of the Chair as regular dyes will not hold colour, it allso does not change the feel of the chair, like some paints dyes can, as it is made for soft pillows,

I used about 3 cans, so at $10 a can thats $30, you cant buy the fabric for that!

4# make sure the seat is Dry and get ready to have some fun, put a rubber Glove on, and Spray in a circular fashion, Rubbing it evenly around with your other hand, do it in 3 light coats, remember you can allways go back over if you miss some,

5#Leave over night to Dry, all though it touch drys quickly, this gives the best result,

6# Vaccume the seats this takes off anything that did dry loose,

#7 Reinstall in car, or remove the covering you put on to Protect the rest of the car, and you are done!!

This helps to touch Up sun fade, and give your car a Much needed Colour boost after the ravagers of time,
you can allso be creative, make different effects,

I allways say to anyone wanting to do this kind of thing to there Calais, test it on the Rear head rests first, as most people dont use em any way,..

work it around well, Spray then rub, spray then rub, dont do it in direct sunlight as it will dry too fast, but after your done, stick it in the sun, thats fine

86gr33nVL 27-01-05 13:19


Am just wondering how id go about restoring my beige seats! Good work!

Slayar 27-01-05 13:27

3 Attachment(s)
The In car Pics

you can see how much neater the Seats look, I have not yet done the centre concol armrest, But so far have left it for a point of reference for me

vlt-dreamer 27-01-05 14:04

looks good, we did this on my mates blue sII calais interior and it came up perfect too!

Slayar 27-01-05 16:12

Thanks 86gr33nVL and vlt-dreamer :)
That was your dash too btw :) you probibly Guessed, I'm still very happy with it :)

I'll Post more of the whole lot, after I get the sunroof installed, i'll try to get a Colour list too of all the colours that spray comes in

calsrus 27-01-05 17:06

that looks awesome , straight out of the show room!

Pastical 27-01-05 18:13

does this stuff work for changing colours completely? say red to blue, blue to red, etc?

Slayar 27-01-05 18:38

it goes over whats there But the Closer the colour match the easier it would be

Grey should be an easy colour to put over colours on,
it would need alot of coats I would think, and that many coats may change the feel of the Fabric, if some one trys a Colour Change, be sure to take lots of photos

VL_Nick 27-01-05 20:50


there I said it
I feel much better now.

Zanjara 27-01-05 21:16

thats pretty good dude :)

i went to spot light but they dont have grey!!! god damm :( they have yellow blue green red black etc but no grey!!! so unfair :( i am not happy!!!

Tempest 06-02-05 11:26

should work on door cards too, yeah?

HSVQUE 06-02-05 16:37


Originally Posted by tempest115
should work on door cards too, yeah?

Yes i was going to ask the same.. Does it come in the Correct colour for those of us with Blue calais interior?? :D


fonzogonz 06-02-05 16:50

looks good idea

harripidg 06-02-05 18:28

does it cover light stains aswell?? ahahahahaha

No serously???

ATMO_BT1 06-02-05 19:57

you should have painted it a different colour lol

Tempest 06-02-05 22:02

what's wrong with the red?

VLrally 06-02-05 22:12

mate nothing wrong with the red that looks horn. gotta agree, fu ck i love red vl interiors. have to be stoked with that.

ATMO_BT1 06-02-05 22:26


Originally Posted by tempest115
what's wrong with the red?


Slayar 07-02-05 00:41


Originally Posted by harripidg
does it cover light stains aswell?? ahahahahaha

No serously???

When your Car draws the chicks like a VL does this is a problem we all have from time to time,..
And Yes I found it Covered near all manner of Odd stains,

This will work for door cards too,
It Adds to the Colour there, so See it as more of a Highlight
to make it blend, take it easy at first till you work out how you want it
all the Colours they have in the Brand I used, But there are other ones out there, Post up your resultz,

for 100% satisfaction allways Test First

HSVQUE 07-02-05 17:34

Wahoo!> Sky Blue item#SS3801212M

Slayar So err how did you find this spray? let alone the website.. I bet you been spraying some stuff ey.. pillows with nanna :D

VLishes 10-02-05 22:45

Hey to get the right shade of blue, do I just take the head rest and show it to them? I just have to spray the rear of the head rests and the top of the back seat. This is the type of blue I need.

Would it be the Blue Jay item#SS3801201M can?

Slayar 11-02-05 00:26

Yea, as long as it is Close, it dosnt really matter, Just do a light coat and rub it around, it blends with whats there.. the instructions on the can are pretty str8 forward. It should enhanse nicely, Be sure to post up b4 and after pics

VLishes 11-02-05 09:07


Originally Posted by Slayar
Yea, as long as it is Close, it dosnt really matter, Just do a light coat and rub it around, it blends with whats there.. the instructions on the can are pretty str8 forward. It should enhanse nicely, Be sure to post up b4 and after pics

No problems man, your a legend hehe, I've been meaning to do this or replace the material just didn't know which way to go but this way is a lot easier and cheaper. At the moment it looks pretty crap, from behind, it's all purple, I'll post some pics tonight or tomorrow.

HSVQUE 14-02-05 19:38

how many can's todo a whole interior you reckon?

thats front seats.. rear seats.. Door trims.. glove box and head rest's


LAGWAGN 14-02-05 20:17

anybody completly changed colours yet?

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