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05-08-02, 20:35
i have a vl turbo diff (3.45 single spinner) and was wondering does the lsd centre out of a R32 Nissan Skyline GTS-t fit??????????? if not does anyone have an lsd hemisphere for sale to suit the vl diff

cheers chris

05-08-02, 23:53
Im just regurgitating info I have read but as from what I gather the Aussie Skyline Silhouette has the same diff centre and is LSD. Also LSD is the centre from the EB series 2 V8 falcon, these diff centres are supposed to be the same also. If anyone can verify this it would help as I also am looking to convert to an LSD one day.
pretty sure R32s have different diffs

06-08-02, 17:22
i would also like to know about this.... any info would be greatly appreciated

07-08-02, 01:25
The diff's in the vl's are borg warner, they went into a few different makes as mentioned. Most of the commodore models (not IRS), falcons at least from XF on and the R31 skyline/pintara. The centers are interchangable. R32 skylines have a different diff as they are also IRS. I don't know exactly what got LSD or not but there are 4 different types of centers in the vl alone. 2 pinion, 2 pinion LSD, 4 pinion, and 4 pinion LSD. Please correct me if i'm wrong but, standard calais got the 2 pinion LSD, and calais turbos/V8s got the 4 pinion LSD. So 4 pinion LSDs are pritty hard to come by but check out VR and VS V8 diffs prob best bet.


07-08-02, 17:45
the vl diff is a bw78 series diff (came out in vl turbos 3.45 and vl v8 3.08) vl atmo got the 2 pinion one 3.45 centre. need to change the single spinner in my sle injected 5.0 to and lsd so need options or need lsd hemisphere - so what cars can i get the lsd centre out of pintara etc

cheers chris

07-08-02, 20:56
Check this out.

08-08-02, 09:37
the R31 skyline came with a 4 pinoin single spinner, the sillouhette and GTS had 4 pinion LSD. the centre will go into a vl housing. VL N/A and V8 had 2 pinion single spinner, opt LSD. Turbo's had 4 pinion single spinner, opt LSD. VN onwards (non IRS) the centre will fit into your VL housing but you cant use the VN housing as it is wider and doesnt fit properly under a VB-VL. XF onwards used the 78 series diff. (centre will fit in VL housing). Not sure With the falcons which used 2 or 4 pinion or which had LSD. The other good thing about the skyline diff is they use 3.9 gears. Pintara use 4.11 or something like that.