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02-08-02, 14:21
Anyone know how hard it is to fit power windows into a vl Belina ? Can it be done with ease or is it a job most people would stay away from ?

02-08-02, 19:22
The harnesses are there in the dash for it, its just a matter of getting the plug in harness parts and the regulators for the windows and all the switches, its a big job but id say it would be worth it.

02-08-02, 22:41
Been thinking about this one myself - kinda put off by the whole idea of trying to install the window motor into the door and make it work!

03-08-02, 13:22
DON'T, too hard! VL electric windows are a nightmare.

03-08-02, 16:32
Yeah don't bother with electrics.
The regulators are pretty easy to put in, they have really big pop rivets that can be replaced with 1/4 in bolts.
But installing the glass is a totally different story.
You definitely need 2 people and some patience, you have to line up one roller then raise or lower the window with the switch to get the other roller in, and you have to watch the first roller doesnt come out during the process. Meaning you have to start over again.
This is all done while trying not to have the glass bottom on the side impact bar or scratch the fuc out or your tint on the nasty regulator teeth!
Best idea is to put 2 layers of masking tape over the tint.

All in all they're an asshole of a setup.
Goodluck to you.

04-08-02, 23:54
swap the doors and respray? might be easier.... and youll probably get the cool calais door mouldings while your at it :D

02-11-08, 14:52
shoot this man i done that c*nt of a job^^^^

02-11-08, 17:34
when i changed my front windows, they were dead easy! hardest part was taking off the door trims... you install the tracks without the window, and then put the window in and put it on the tracks.. the round things, the middle pops out

02-11-08, 17:41
I've done the power window conversion on a Berlina.

Be prepared to spend more than a Saturday afternoon on it. Either you doors or your front guards will have to come off to drill the holes for the wiring, so get real good at aligning panels. You'll need a very strong drill that can take 20-22mm drill bit (most can't, and ones that can will break easily. Get a hammer drill).

It can be done, but I don't think I'd do it again.

03-11-08, 13:48
what a bitch / massive headache of a job it would be to put power windows into a 20yr old car...fark that man honestly id rather do 5 turbo conversions then do that...

Goodluck. If you do it, youl probably get 1 door done and then **** the rest off and have 3 manual and 1 power windows haha. Nightmare of a job!

03-11-08, 14:18
mate treat it as a project. same as Ive done with my conversion. it will take a while to do it, but hey at least you will have the satisfaction of doing it... And whats bette rthan drinking beer and fixing cars

03-11-08, 19:24
Geee talk about an old thread...

Ive done it and man never again... Was a huge job.