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02-12-06, 20:10
The trip meter in the car has stopped rolling on. :mad:

this is a biggie for me as i rely heavily on the trip meter to monitor how the car is performing, as many faults can be detected by watching a cars economy per tank.

i know VL's are notorious for this fault.

does anyone know how to fix this, or is it a case of buying a new instrument panel??
i would like to repair the problem rather than trace another panel.
im very concerned as i really dont want the problem to roll onto the odometer.

02-12-06, 21:36
VDO or guageworks will be able to fix it. probably around 100 bucks, depending on parts. what happens is the little plastic cogs in the speedo go brittle and snap, which usually leads to bits jamming up the odometer. just pull out the cluster and take it in.

02-12-06, 21:39
What "usually" causes it is the gears slipping on the shaft that goes through them. Pull the cluster apart and take the odo unit out and you'll see what I mean. You can fix it by putting some glue or like substance on the gear that drives the 1/10ths.
Same applies to the odometer gears with the difference being apply the glue etc to the gear that drives the 1's.

02-12-06, 21:48
ok wat bout mine ill look at the oddomeder 1min it will say 2**,*** and the next min it will say4**,*** is that the same thing ?????

02-12-06, 22:12
That sounds like a stripped / broken gear, couldn't be sure without pulling it apart.

03-12-06, 11:48
such great advice and help, thankyou so much!!

04-12-06, 11:18
Yeah Shaik, it's happened to a VL I used to have.

Just take the dash out, and take it in to VDO or somewhere like that.

04-12-06, 19:09
thanks craigie