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17-10-06, 22:38
hey guys

i got superlow king springs all around and pedders shocks at the back of my wagon

its sitting on stockies, back is in the arch, front is just on.. looking at getting some wheels this week or next week

thinking about monaro cv8rs.. but not sure weather to go 18s or 19s??

I want the back of the car pretty much to show no rubber, and the front, i want the arch sitting on the arch..

any ideas, or anyone running 18s or 19s that can share their experiences?


18-10-06, 20:33
Just do what you do to all your other cars, take it to Ryobi Performance, they'll have it sitting however low you want.

Get 19"s.

18-10-06, 20:54
19s on a wagon look mint!!!!

ive got VX gts19"s on my wagon and have no problems and im also running the std panhard rod in the rear.
mine is as low as i can get it before i start having ground clearance problems, 3" exhaust sits low. the front ull only be able to get a bit of the tyre in the guard and the rear ul be able to get about 1" of the rim in the guard its possible for more but u need stiff springs other wise the ass will drag and the tyre will hit the inside of the guard when there is a bit of weight in the back.

24-10-06, 18:18

24-10-06, 18:50
ill try and get some good ones up this weekend

27-10-06, 00:20

29-10-06, 08:46
here you go champ.
there is also another on the last page of the wagon thread. in turbo dis.

29-10-06, 19:34
cheers mate looks tuff ;)