View Full Version : power window problem.. :( FIX IT PLS :D

17-10-06, 21:37
What do u think my problem is? my back window will go down but not up, i switched the yellow and blue wires around and it went up again, thought it was the switch being gay, so i tried the one from the other side and it is doing the same again.. fix it :(

87 vl boy
17-10-06, 21:56
hey man i hav the same prob my right side back window wont go down tho. i did 4 a while and took 4 eva 2 get back up but now wont go donw at the
i think my window motors r stuffd tho

17-10-06, 22:13
yeah its starting to s#it me bigtime :(

87 vl boy
17-10-06, 22:17
lol yeah same because i can only have 3 windows down :( lol

17-10-06, 22:18
haha yeh i jus p[ut the front ones down so i dont look like a complete **** :P

87 vl boy
17-10-06, 22:23
lol same

18-10-06, 13:43
pm JET-6

22-10-06, 12:06
NO GUYS!! i got the same problem with my passenger window. it'll go down, but it won't go up. at first i tought it was the motor than i tought i'll replace the main power window switch and see if that works. and walla it now works perfectly fine. so it was the swtich. What i suggest is not to buy another one cause they're so expensive (unless you know someone who can get them cheap), just get someone who fixes these switches and shouldn't cost you more than 50 bucks. thanks guys

24-10-06, 17:45
lol get A/C

25-10-06, 01:29
Yes i fix them!