View Full Version : got some speakers and some pods/spacers what you guys think

17-10-06, 14:20
ok so i got my 6x 's on the parcel shelf but i got bored with all the sound being in tha back so i got some 6 inch 300watt 4 way speakers from wow sight and sound got home and then i had to get some pods/spacers so i got them from top beat entertainment cost me i think it was 40 bucks for the pair dang they were grey (
but thats ok so i went down to repco
lol my mate works down there but i didnt get a discount bummer i paid 12 bucks for some vinyl/carpet paint. (
now they looked like that. then i managed to get a central locking kit and i have done some before but not in a vl. so i had alot of work to do in a short time. (
started marking and measuring out a little hole that i needed to fit the magnet through and where i was going to bolt the pod 2.
got it done and put it back together. and now looks like this ( (
well kinda just a little cleaner cuz i had to get all the dam steel shavings out of tha carpet:mad:
central locking works great and so does the speakers so what do you think.
oh and does anyone know how to replace that door pin well not the actual hinge pin but the pin that stops the door from closing in your face as you are about to get out of the car.i had a look at it but it appears that it has to be done from the inside wtf???

18-10-06, 06:52
looks alright

and that door pin it just hammers in. takes some fiddling and dont use too much force but it just hammers in

18-10-06, 08:08
yes but the little steel thing that would normally be joined to the shell column isnt there??????? but the steel rod is still there i'll see if i have a better picture
there you go ???? (

18-10-06, 12:58
i think that bit is ment to be welded to the door frame it self, try a pannelbetters thay might be able to help ya

18-10-06, 13:02
cool yep thanx will look into it soon i have to go see mark at the warwick wreckers and see if i can get some calais parts.