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11-10-06, 18:05
ok i bought a central locking kit for my vl berlina but now that i got the door trims off i was wodering where the best place is to mount the little actuator. i have done one on my drivers door but i think it might be a little to close to the spoke and it might not have enough power to pop it but im not sure anyways yea just wondering the best place to put the actuator? (

:) thanks in advance

11-10-06, 18:31
On the front doors I put the motors horizontal, and used one rod for each door. The rods were taken from an indoor clothes hanger with the white coating stripped was the only thing I could find that was long enough to reach the slider rod.
May need to bend the custom rods a little so they can slide with minimal obstruction.
There are a few other ways to do it aswell..check the Technical Articles section..

The rears are easier, just put them vertical under the factory position.

11-10-06, 19:00
ok im with ya cool will try with those rear doors you say vertical in the factory position um ok i dont know what the factory position is but will have a look in the morning.thanx man make my job easier

11-10-06, 19:27
With the rear doors make sure it clears the check strap before mounting it.

You made a bit of work for yourself there Henry. Much easier to just mount the actuator closer to the locking mechanism.