View Full Version : Help!!!! Rear power window reg. install

06-10-06, 22:50
Gday guys, Ive just spent about 2hrs farking around with my power window reg. I know what order to hook up the regulator wire, my problem is when I operate the window, the wire unwinds from the window reg drum. Does anyone know why this is happening or what im doing wrong?
Cheers guys.

07-10-06, 02:47
i think u may have wrapped the wires around the drum the wrong way, the wires should leave the drum to go to the pulleys from the front side of the car if that makes sense

07-10-06, 09:49
Yeh that may be it, I started at the drum, did 2 winds clockwise, then once I got back to the drum again after going around the other pulleys I wound it anti-clockwise. It looked all good but soon as I move the window it unwinds.

Does anyone else have some input, this is seriously sh!ting me.:mad: :mad:

07-10-06, 22:32
mate, i tried this today with a non power window regulator lol mate i was ***in around for 1 hour of it and decided i will try agian tomorrow cos of the bloody mozzies aye. the wire at the bottom of the drum starts a the pulley down the bottom back corner then goes up top then diagonly accoress then up then down to the drum agian. hope that helps :S its confusing

08-10-06, 00:33
this is from a post from SC by COMMODORENUT

when i put my rears in, i wound the wire round for each end aprox 1.5 times
if i remember corectly, i went from barrel to top pulley first

just a thought, are you winding the wires to the centre of the drum, or out to the edge? it should be wound towards the centre

08-10-06, 09:55
Yeh Ive been winding the wires into the centre of the drum.
Also Ive noticed that I can manualy turn the regulator drum with my hand.
Is that right:confused: :confused: ? Maybe the regulator is faulty??

08-10-06, 22:16
oh ****, i misunderstood, i thought that when u said unwind u meant that the cable comes derailed from the drum, but u mean the window falls down lol

on my regs there is no way i can turn the drum with my hand without breakin it, i think yours might be dodge,

09-10-06, 00:17
i did mine today, only took me 20mins to get it working but the gears inbetween the winder and drum were on an angle lol so it was skipping gears sometimes, the bracket to hold the metal winder had come lose. so off to pick a part for a new drum and wires :(

09-10-06, 22:22
Yeh I think my reg is farked:mad: .