View Full Version : LSD Diff overhaul.?

31-07-02, 01:31
Just wondering if there's anything special I need to know about overhauling my lsd diff. Its from a n/a calais.
Do I need any special tools or anything?
Any help would be greatly appreciated because I know stuff all about how a diff works so I'm just having a stab in the dark with my Ever so trusty (haha - not) Gregory's manual.



31-07-02, 02:57
Ha Ha HA "LSD Diff" Limited. Slip. Differential. Differential.
Its like an ATM Machine
:D :D
Sorry, dunno about the diff diff, If you have the time though, the manual really helps, I love ripping stuff out and fixing it. That way you know how it works.
If you are unsure, take it to a workshop and ask if you can watch, or even help, some places dont like you doing that, but some do, especially if it isn't too difficult.
good luck

01-08-02, 20:55
I have managed to get hold of the genuine Holden VL service maunal from a mate's work. I'm gonna scan it all so i can have it for future reference:)

01-08-02, 22:38
yeah morepsi.....

Don you got to the ATMM to get money out? :D :D

gota love it...

its nearly like ABS Braking System!