View Full Version : Difference between Aero and Group 3 Grilles?

04-10-06, 11:14
Howdy all I'm thinking of putting one of these grilles on my calais, and would like to know the differences.
Do both grilles fit with standard calais bumpers???


25-10-06, 22:08
Sorry if this is a bit late (better late than never?) but the Group 3 grille sits flush with the headlights, whereas the Aero/Director sticks out ahead about an inch or so. Not sure about the bumpers though sorry.

25-10-06, 22:22
Steve you can have my genuine HDT Aero grill for a good price bro.

25-10-06, 23:45
Theres a difference between Calais and Non-Calais letterbox type grilles as well isn't there?? Something to do with clearance. Like the bit above the grille is at different heights on the two......can anyone confirm this??