View Full Version : Blowing smoke

03-10-06, 18:28
Hi all, when i start my car, it blows smoke, and it struggles to stay on, i have to keep revs up to keep it on..when i press the accelerater it blows smoke..its black/white i think..i cant really tell. my friend thinks it may be the throttle position sensor..or something like that lol

What are some things to do to try and fix the blowing smoke problem..?

its an n/a auto vl. i have another vl which is manual and in perfect condition mechanically, but i cant really pick the problem with the auto.

M Taylor
05-10-06, 20:28
Does it just do that starting from cold and then it clears up once its running?.
It sounds like leaky injectors.

06-10-06, 11:13
nah i gotta keep it running and pressing the wont stay on otherwise..

M Taylor
07-10-06, 21:20
Rip you're plugs out to see if they are fouled, bad batch of fuel will do this.