View Full Version : VL Calais flip lights woes?

23-08-02, 12:15
My calais flip lights have somehow malfunctioned and are going up and down continuously, even with the key off. It looks funny but my battery doesnt think so. Help.

23-08-02, 12:58
Just disconect the motors as a temporary measure. You'll probibly find that your relay is faulty. :)

23-08-02, 14:58
Sorry to laugh at your misfortunes, but that ***n funny. :D

23-08-02, 16:17
the relay is located just infront of the battery, disconnect this and the flip lights wont move. that is one of the strangest things ive heard on this forum.


Red RB30 Jet
23-08-02, 19:21
Sometimes water can enter the connector plug to the "Pop Up" headlight motor and it can cause this continous "up and down" even if the headlights are not even turned on.

It has happened to me after I washed my car and I simply unpluged the relay and then unpluged the headlight motor plug and let it dry out then reconnected it and taped the plug up so no water can enter it and it has'nt happened anymore. :D

23-08-02, 23:27
mine does thet when my car gets wet. unplug the relay for an hour or two an its all good when you plug it in again. Piss funny though :D

24-08-02, 19:45
lmfao i have an idear give them to me and problem fixed ill just un plug them and drive with them down :P

25-08-02, 07:23
Good plan, but seeing as they are one of only about a dozen in NZ they probably aint coming your way :)

25-08-02, 18:38
One of a Dozen?

25-08-02, 19:34
Naa, kidding. But they are f@#king hard to find all the same.

VLT 88
26-08-02, 19:43
Mine are playing silly buggers too, they didnt work at all the other day and now they have come back online- must've been the dirty look or colourful language :roll: Now I just have to figure out why the left one doesnt close entirely flush, it seems to have dropped on the outside hinge or something...anyone had this?