View Full Version : VL wont start

24-09-06, 00:19
i see it must be that time of the year for VL,s not to start

mine is a little diffrent parked her in the shed, running fine had to change the steering collem easy job new ignition ect, now i turn the key and nothing . has ign lights, changed battery ect ect still the same,

its running on gas at the moment, and the gas guage/ gas/pet lights up fine then after 7 or 8 sec,s turns itself off Got me F%#KED :confused:

24-09-06, 09:27
what no crank at all.
all wires conected back to normal i assume?
hows the ignition swich it self?

24-09-06, 18:27
hey mate yeah nothingat all, i slight click when i let the ignition off crank, and the barrel ect is brand new

24-09-06, 19:20
starter motor?

24-09-06, 20:10
ignition switch not hooked up right

24-09-06, 21:11
Check your Ignition wiring see if everything is hooked up right.

25-09-06, 01:18
yeah may be onto somthing guys, also may be the gas safty switch thanx for comments guys will have a look see