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22-09-06, 15:35
Ive got this electrical problem when cranking it over. i think it shorts out because the starter motor stops and the interior light and dash lights all go out for a second then it starts cranking again. this doesnt happen every time i start it but maybe every 2nd or third time.
im after ideas on ways to isolate the problem . i guess its shorting out somewhere, maybe ignition. how hard is it to remove the metal casing around the steering column? has anyone else had any problems like this?


22-09-06, 16:56
way to difficult to tell the cause of the problem without testing the vehicle.

it could be weak battery, alternator not charging battery, faulty starter motor, fault in wiring to starter motor or mechanical problem.

probably best to measure battery voltage whilst cranking and also measure starter motor current, to start and isolate where the issue may be.

call past an auto elec and get him to test the alternator and battery, should only take 5-10mins and go from there, atleast you can narrow down a few problems for bugger all cost that way.

on the other hand if you have parts to substitute, just do that, until you work it out.

22-09-06, 17:10
from what you said i would put it 100% in the starter motor or battery.

its either not getting enough current to the sarter motor or the motor can not take it ie burnt windings etc....

ohh and the extra current that the motor needs to acculey crank will make the lights dim etc

22-09-06, 17:27
starter motor has been replaced with a brand new unit. it was doing it before i replaced it and is still doing it with the new one. lights go out completely when it happens

22-09-06, 17:33
hows the battery?

22-09-06, 21:54
i'd look at the battery - prolly doesnt have enough oomph to crank it over. its caught me out a few times.