View Full Version : tire sizes for 17's

17-09-06, 08:28
ive currently got 17" vr clubby rims on my car, un lipped unrolled guards...
the tires are 235 45 17
its got an adj panhard rod, but it still rubs.

can i keep the 235's but go a lower profile say 30 or 35? or will it still rub, (and its also the drivers front hitting somewhere, i dunno where)

17-09-06, 15:50
roll the gaurds

18-09-06, 15:08
can you roll the front guards? coz the front right is hitting somewhere quite bad,

18-09-06, 15:58
yes u can lip front gaurds they are easyer then teh back, im pretty sure theres a tech articial on it on here.

18-09-06, 16:35
my front tires rub hard on the front lol....but meh