View Full Version : What can get this **** off??

Fat 3L
16-09-06, 10:38
hey guys, just wanna know what will get this black **** off my paint!!
I was told it's a leak from around my wastegate but im not sure yet, and i just wanna know what i can use.
in the picture it aint bad but it has got even worse and now is all over my paint on my wheel arch ( where the blue hose is).
sorry if the pics big don't know how to minimise it.

any help would be appreciated..thanks

16-09-06, 11:24
degreaser? maybe... depends how badly its on there man


16-09-06, 13:59
it looks like carbon to me... just get some degreaser and give it a spray and wipe it off with a cloth, turning the cloth constantly...

16-09-06, 14:14
i thought your car was Blue now?? :confused:

16-09-06, 15:02
Yea degreaser.

Or you could try prepsol (wax and grease remover)

Fat 3L
16-09-06, 16:04
yeah i tried degreaser but it don't work to well. i was speaking to a guy at autobarn who said to try sumthing like cut n polish...

16-09-06, 16:08
there is this stuff called, throttle body cleaner, mate this **** takes anything off anything, ive used it on some areas with rubber stuck to paint. only problem is that it takes off the paint if u scrub it. try and wipe it off with this stuff, dont even scrub or else you will notice a lil bit of yellow on the cloth. worth a try......

16-09-06, 16:45
its leaking from the dump pipe turbo join by the looks of it.
it also looks like you have a soft gasket/exhaust goo on the flange,the turbo area is no place for that crap.

if i was you i would get rid of that bolt up flange and weld a vband on.
the vband will never leak

16-09-06, 18:25
there is this stuff called, throttle body cleaner,

mate carby cleaner is pretty much just fuel with some detergents. thats the last thing you would want on your paint

17-09-06, 12:31
Like i said try some prepsol out.
When i used to paint engine pays it use that and a scour pad to scratch the paint enough for adhesion and clean it up enought for adhesion.
Its handy stuff to have cause u can use it to get car sticker glue off etc.
Every car guy shoul have 1L of it in their shed.

17-09-06, 13:02
prepsol is wonderful stuff...

definitly give it an attempt....even if it doesnt work, itll come in handy sooner or later

17-09-06, 13:08
If your using degreaser, are you leaving it on and soak for a few mins? its its grease or even carbon it still should come off. Dont use anything too heavy otherwise your paint might come off. also dont use degreaser when you motor is hot/warm.