View Full Version : R32 Dash/console put into vlt ?

15-09-06, 14:11
just wondering has it been done / does anyone think its do able ??

my dash is a mess / things falling apart etc...electrics not working. i wanna pull the whole thing out , and a mate has told me of a vl with a skyline interior ( i assume r32)...

any thoughts / info would be great..


15-09-06, 14:29
Thats a big mission dont think it would be worth it mate

they are going to be so different the wiring everything mate

the dash isnt gona fit in a VL either so your gona have to find a way to mount it in there

would be a whole lot of work

15-09-06, 15:12
ive seen vr/vs interior in vls , but not skylines

15-09-06, 15:33
Honestly i think the hassle would outway the benefit ....

Best option would be to chase down a mint condition dash etc and go from there.

15-09-06, 19:48
how much would a whole new dash / console for a vl calais set me back??

finding it in grey will be a bitch... :(

wasnt there a green vl with a custom interior?

15-09-06, 19:55
Iím running a VS injected V8, VS gearbox and VS loom/computer so it was all wire up at the same time

16-09-06, 14:40
anything can be done with a little time n effort... measure up both dash's and check how different they are. Check mounting points etc.

if the skyline dash is shorter, dont bother as it will look tacky as!

24-09-06, 00:02
yeah for sure, im gunna speak to some people and see how i go... there is a GREEN VLT with a modern dash in's a pic...

27-09-06, 19:26
any more pics of the of ^ that car?? thats nuts!

27-09-06, 19:31
Seen that before. Looks good but the A/C controls really let it down.

If your having trouble finding a grey dash, get another colour and paint it ;)

27-09-06, 19:56
yeh damn, going to all that effort you think they'd change the aircon controls too but other than that its an awesome interior!