View Full Version : How do i take off the Door...????

DJ Mitzi
13-09-06, 20:03
Hey Guys.. Im just after some infomation on removing the drivers side door...
Wats the eisiest way to take it off? wat size is the hole where the pin sits in?

13-09-06, 20:30
you need a special tool, goto a panel beaters and im sure they can do it for you

13-09-06, 20:53
ive got a sawn off allen key for pin doors just knock it up through with a hammer and have a mate hold the door for you... generally youd do the bottom pin first

14-09-06, 02:35
goto repco and buy the tool to take off the door pins

it shouldn't be to expencive or try supercheap

make sure u take the pin out the right way or u will have big problems

14-09-06, 06:20
it shouldn't be to expencive or try supercheap

supercheap tools/equipment break superfast :)

DJ Mitzi
14-09-06, 20:22
True!!! ^^^.. My Hydraulic trolley Jack i bought for 30 bucks lasted me only 2 months... Hardly used it either..

14-09-06, 20:27
I have a supercheap hydo jack, cost me 70 i think.. works perfect for along time now..

also the new Supercheap "Gold" i think there called.. The best range of spanners they have, There really good quality..

i think there looking into better quilty things more then cheaper now, But still having both.

14-09-06, 20:46
you'll need a door pin remover tool... Get it from thompsons for about $40 i think it was...

looks like this

14-09-06, 20:50
we sell them at work for $20

16-09-06, 16:56
yep exactly what they said, but make sure you soak the pins in WD-40 for several days, can't stress enough how hard they are to get out sometimes...

and take your time otherwise you might end up damaging the inside of your door with a hammer then lose your temper :)

22-09-06, 20:50
Yes and remember the bottom Pin comes up and the top pin comes down , if after soaking in solution they don't want to budge , you may have to use a long punch to knock them both down , but the bottom one needs to be cut off with a dremel or like it , as it will go thru the inner skin , use a small hammer and use alot of patience and a couple of beers because they can be frustrating .

22-09-06, 21:19
When removing mine, we sprayed wd-40 many many times, used a sledge hammer.

So we got ourselves an oxy, and heated the hell out of the hinges and then sprayed them with wd-40, which expanded the hinges a little bit and using the wd-40 cooled it quickly, stopping it from shrinking and it came out pretty easy after that!

Might wanna wrap a rag around the bar and wear a thick glove as it gets very painful after a while...