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10-09-06, 10:04
hey guys i just got a fiber glass calais front i put it on and it dont line up has anyone got one from a place in blacktown from ebay if so do u have thre phone number thanks tim

10-09-06, 10:28
Hey mate, maybe the car had a prang in the past, it mite look even to ur eye, but a couple of mm here and there can put it off....try adjusting the bonnet, and hav a look at d front where the headlights are to see any signs of the front end being pushed up or back....hopefully might solve the problem...

10-09-06, 10:36
yeah i've got the same calais front from fiber master at blacktown, its a bit tricky to line it up, like what SYKO6T said try to play with the bonnet

10-09-06, 11:20
thanks guys ill try that but it is the eye lids that dont libne up my car has no sines of being ijn a prand

10-09-06, 18:40
oh i got ya, i had similar problem, just make the holes bigger so you can have more movement to play with.

10-09-06, 22:18
okh k thaks ill try ill get back 2 ya

11-09-06, 09:13
i used to have one. they dont line up 100% but close!

11-09-06, 09:39
Yeh its true.. just takes tiem and effort to get it aligned up right..
I had to trim a bit of the eyelids so it matched teh side eyebrows..

11-09-06, 09:54
also u mite wana chek 2 see if your parts are taiwanese, coz i know that if you get the taiwanese parts, they dont line up exactly as the originals would...but u can get it there with abit of mucking around like SIK3LT said, and maybe even using spacers or washers between ur nuts and bolts mite help bring it up a lil.....
Goodluck with it champ

11-09-06, 11:20
syk06t, holden dont make calais fronts or replica calais fronts.