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08-09-06, 22:48
Hey pplz
I just purchased 4 litres of BA Velocity blue for my esky and i just wanted
to know if K&H Products are ok because i was going to buy K&H primer aswell but i didnt want to unless i get a second opinion
whats the go with em ? c r a p ? or are they ok ?
any advice would be appreciated
oh the paints ppg does it matter if i use another brand product for undercoat
sorry if this is a stupid question as im not really good with these things

09-09-06, 23:55

10-09-06, 18:16
No using another brand hardners, clear, thinners etc is fine, just make sure you get an 2pac hilfil if your paint is 2 pac as im pretty sure KnH only makes a acrylic primer.

10-09-06, 19:26
thanks for that man i had the paint mixed in acrylic from autobarn cause i cbf going through the hassle to get an oven n that most of my $$ has been eaten by the engine side of things so K&H theyre ok to use ? i jst dnt want it to turn out like MOTOSPRAY which is quite c r a p

11-09-06, 20:35
yeah diff brand dont really matter. paint companies will tell you it does. aslong as ya not mixing hardners n reducers n stuff ya should be ok. i havent used alot off k&h stuff but some of the stuff i have seemed ok.

11-09-06, 21:23
its fine to use say PPG hardner in standox paint etc as long as they are compatable products.

If you need or want an over I know of a few in the thomo and campbellfield areas, its not that $$$$$$$ and it saves you getting overspray everywhere.

12-09-06, 12:19
thanks heaps guyz Fatpsi- around about how much am i lookin at for an oven for say a day or 2?

15-09-06, 18:15
anyone else used these products before?

15-09-06, 18:46
yeah ive used them and i wont use them again ya get what you pay for, it fades quick, and is not gr8 off the gun. same as motorspray ect, spenda bit more money on products, they dont have to be the best, but those 2 are the least..... fatpsi, will agree debeers is good and fair price.... my 2 cents

16-09-06, 14:59
thanks heaps guyz Fatpsi- around about how much am i lookin at for an oven for say a day or 2?

Why do you need an oven???
K n H are cheapo acrylic brand.
Just paint it in your shead.
If your worried about dust clean ya shead out a bit then hose the walls down.
Then next day when its all dry start painting.

If your talking about 2pak then you will need an over. But if your gonna use a cheap brand 2pak... well id probably use a cheap brand 2pak to paint a letter box. Not a Car.

Also you can use different product brands. So you can use Spies hecker primer and Glasirut top coat and colour (like was done on my car) .
Altho in the crash industry that voids warrenty for the crash repaier. (cause if you have a problem with the glasirut top coat and you complain to the glasrit rep , they will say its cause of the non-glasrit primer)
Obviously you cant use different paints eg 2pak over acyrlic.

17-09-06, 18:39
thanks fellas looks like i'll be getting some Dupont primer not as cheap but way better quality. Spirit77- i was just wandering the price of an oven acrylic wont need it as you said maybe next time i will though
Thanks again