View Full Version : Changing Door Handles

07-09-06, 12:38
Hey people, searched the forum and couldn't find what I was looking for, so hoping someone could help?!

Just got a set of chrome door handles, and want to put them on the car (which I just had resprayed, so I'm looking to do it with the least amount of scratching possible!)

Basically, to switch em over I know what to do, (ie. removing back door lock assembly, etc).
But was just wondering if someone else had done it, and how they went about it?

The front ones seem easy, it's just fiddling with the back ones that seems to be the most work.

Any help? Is there a sticky around on this topic?

Thanks heaps,

07-09-06, 14:30
if got the car sprayed with the door handles on i thinkit might chip off depending on how well they masked it up, it should have been painted iwth em out, then u could have just put em in at the time

07-09-06, 15:06
thats right trev...if they masked wont chip off ;)