View Full Version : colour 'ice blue'

04-09-06, 12:22
can some post up some pics of the vl colour ice blue or iceland blue? my code under the bonnet says ice blue/ice land blue but mine looks more aqua colour just checking to make sure its the rite code... i think it may have been resprayed in different colour with previous owner.

04-09-06, 12:32
yes its right. it looks aqua. there's a few threads on here full of cars that colour.. i'll see if i can find them for you..

found them already. that was so easy.. ;)

04-09-06, 12:38
kool thanks just making sure cause im in the process of spraying again and just wanted to make sure its the right colour.

04-09-06, 15:56
My first Calais was this colour. Transport Department called it "Green". Paint Code called it "Ice Blue" but it was an Aqua colour. Depending on the light you could swear sometimes it looks more toward light blue, in other lighting, it looks so green. wierd. Only ever saw one other Calais getting around the same colour. Will see if I can find some old photo's of it for you if you want.

05-09-06, 21:32
yeah sweet my calais is this colour