View Full Version : Wolf 3d or haltek ek6

28-08-06, 09:21
Hey all i have a CT wanting to put my 550cc injectors in and wondering what is a better ecu to buy a wolf 3d V4 or a haltek ek6 i think its called, thanks for your time.

28-08-06, 09:43
wolf plug in good,

removed the use of the airflow meter also :)

28-08-06, 11:30
What do u mean removed the use of the airflow meter?

28-08-06, 11:35
means u dont need 1 i think ur talking bout the haltech e6xi think retails 4 1350 which is great dont need a airflow meter either

28-08-06, 12:26
I have the wolf 3dv4 plugin.

the V4 plugins are a good ecu as it is just straight swap with factory ecu, uses all of the facotry wiring. Has a map sensor, so you wont need to run an AFM (airflow metre). I think froim factory, the wolf's have a 2bar map sensor built in. WOLF ECU's also have a lifetime warranty on them so regardless of what happens it gets replaced. You best bet is to find out what ecu the tuner you are planning to go to specialsies in, as you dont want to get one of these 2 just to find out that you have to drive 3 hours just to get your car tuned.

I have no idea about haltek's, and i am pretty sure WOLF just released there new ECU's ?