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Walkinshaw wagon
07-08-03, 16:41
1990 bathurst winning walkinshaw driven by win percy/alan grice

does anyone out there know if the kit on this car would have any identifying marks/imprints on it or any history on it from after it won bathurst?

the reason i ask is that my bumper and bonnet have been moulded off the kit from the bathurst winning walky

anyone know anything????

07-08-03, 17:04
I read (a long time ago now) in a series of "Where are they now?" articles about all the Bathurst winning cars that the 1990 winning car was in Tom Walkinshaw's collection/museum in the UK. Now that TWR has gone to the wall and all the assets sold off I wonder where it is now?

07-08-03, 17:08
some pommy is probably driving it around the UK.. eating all the 4cyl beamers...

07-08-03, 18:29
I don't think you'd be driving something like that on the road, and it was probably privatly owned by Tom, not by TWR, so its prolly still safe in his hands.

07-08-03, 18:39
hmmm, just think of it... you're taking a holiday in the UK and all of a sudden you hear a rumble and a Walky goes flying past.... that would make my holiday perfect...

07-08-03, 19:03
**** yeah... now that would be kool!!

07-08-03, 21:16
I'm pretty sure they have got one or two over there, every now and then some rich guy imports a HSV just to be different.

Walkinshaw wagon
09-08-03, 07:16
the percy/grice bathurst winner is in nz! my mates boss loooked at buying it for track racing it. not sure what the history of it is but it has been painted yellow!

what an injustice to a legendary machine!

10-08-03, 10:28
Thats just wrong, it should be back here on display at MHRT.

20-08-03, 20:54
I have the 1:32 version of

10-01-04, 01:15
The Grice/Percy Bathurst car is now owned by Peter Champion who also owns numerous other bathurst winning commodores. It is in mint condition throughout - I have witnessed it first hand.

Walkinshaw Wagon - your mates boss was pulling himself when he busted out that story

10-01-04, 14:45
This is what I read in an article about this car:

In 1988 there were two HRT cars at Bathurst. One was built by Perkins in Aus and the other by TWR in England. The TWR car lasted a very short time, while the Perkins car was doing pretty well until Walkinshaw himself took it over and flogged it until it died. The 1990 winner was the 1988 English TWR car. It didn't compete in the 1989 Bathurst 1000 but was entered and won in 1990. After more than a year doing promotional work in Aus it was taken to England to Walkinshaw's museum.

I got most of this info from "Motor Racing Australia" May 1993.

11-01-04, 21:58
For those that watched the Bathurst race last year then you would have seen the 1990 Walkinshaw driven by Grice around the mountain in the '25th anniversary of the Commodore' parade lap.

Walkinshaw wagon
16-03-04, 15:17
roger that

"the great one" must be in aus then. 10-4

mental note: stop telling people that my bumper is moulded off the actual one that won bathurst! coz it cant have been

thanks for the info guys!

18-03-04, 19:38
Walkinshaw wagon, even if it was, i verry much doubt it would have any markings to say it was from that car.

i have a mould of an orig walky kit, and i dont have the stamp, or any other marks like that.

19-03-04, 17:00
This is only a guess on my part, but back when they were Holden's front-line weapon in the Group A races, and for years later when they were still being raced by privateers, I'd bet that the kits on the race cars were made up cheaply by the hundred for endless replacement on cars that suffered race damage. I don't reckon they'd be genuine HSV parts that the owner of a road-going Walky would buy over the counter at the Holden dealer, and as such the race car kits wouldn't have HSV or any other kind of id on them.

30-04-04, 23:24
Check out the latest issue of Australian Muscle Car as they have a great article (20 or so pages) on the 1990 Bathurst winner. It now lives at HSV/HRT headquarters in Melbourne after being sold off when TWR went into liquidation. Luckily HSV/HRT bought it and shipped it back to where it belongs. It is still exactly as it was when it won Bathurst back in 1990.

Walkinshaw wagon
05-05-04, 10:31
sweeeeeeeeeeeeet ill be waiting keenly for that one

being nz it mnay be a week or 2 before i see it

thanks for the heads up!

05-05-04, 23:35
And the intersting thing to note about this car is that it still has the original HSV build plate attached to the firewall. :)

07-05-04, 09:25
love to see it - are you able to see this. do hrt/hsv have a museum?

31-07-05, 08:22
And the intersting thing to note about this car is that it still has the original HSV build plate attached to the firewall. :)

I think you'll find it isn't a build plate as such (like all hsv's have) but an id tag for race vehicles. All the HRT cars had them. So it wouldn't have been one of the 750 built if thats what people are thinking. I read a letter from a person who had an Ex VR race car which had the Group A #002 tag still on it but it wasn't one of the production cars. I know there weren't any VR Group A's, but it would of been a hybrid car (VN, VP, VR). Just like today how some of the VZ V8 supercars are VT/ VX or VY hybrids.

31-07-05, 15:44
Have you actually looked under the bonnet of this car or just assuming from what you have seen on more recent cars? It has a Build plate that looks exactly like yours and mine except that the details stamped into it identifies it as a race shell and not a production car.

31-07-05, 17:21
If you read what I wrote, thats what I said "not a build plate as such". Its an ID tag to say its a race car not a production car.......I'm just clearing it up incase someone thought it was a production vehicle. It saves assumptions

04-08-05, 13:27
I got this out of Australian muscle cars,they had an identification tag which read
Model:VL Racing unit
Body number:P/N92034862
Paint: Alpine white
this came off the GIO Suttons Chullora Walky

04-08-05, 23:55
Here is a factory GMH compliance plate for a VL Race Shell. The numbers translate to mean SL Sedan with 304 and T5G.

14-08-05, 12:49
love to see it - are you able to see this. do hrt/hsv have a museum?

what he said^^^ is the car viewable at all???

15-08-05, 20:22
yea it was recently on show at the HDT/HSV nationals at sandown and has been shown in previous years aswell, i dunno where else you can go see it tho.

16-08-05, 08:29
yea it was recently on show at the HDT/HSV nationals at sandown and has been shown in previous years aswell, i dunno where else you can go see it tho.

The one they actually had on show at Sandown for the HSV Nationals was not the 1990 Bathurst winner, it was actually the car used for the touring car rounds. If anyone has a pic (I have one on my home pc, not here) you will notice that it only had one name on the side, from memory it was Win percy's car. I also think it is raced as an historic touring car.

The Bathust winner is on display at HSV, and to my surprise you can open the bonnet, get inside, just about do whatever you like with it!

16-08-05, 21:22
Walkie, Correct with that not being the Bathurst winner and having Win Percy's name on the side. It also had the name Collins on the rear door windows (probably current owners name). The number 16 is missing from the roof and a yellow 16 is on the windscreen. The Bathurst Winning 16 car was on display at HSV's headquarters the day before Sandown for all the entrants to view. There are a few other variations in regards to stickers as well between the two cars.

04-09-05, 21:09
hey guys, i had the hournors of driving my walky round mt panorama in 03 with the 1990 walkie driven by grice, it was awsome, he even sighned my glove box!, there were about 30 commodores doing 1lap before the 1000, grice even overtook me on the main straight, that thing went! it didnt take much to get it off the clock down conrod, lol, about the kit, it was rough, you wouldnt want your bars to be moulded of it, it didnt even fit up properly, made to be destroyed!

04-09-05, 22:57
Walky509, like you i was also involved in that parade lap and even heard a few of the club members talking about it today at a car show. The event wasn't quite as we were promised but some of the guys made up for it. :)