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22-08-06, 18:46
Hey, just wondering if anyone could help me out. I have bad idling on my VL Turbo and it's not revving 'too high' probably just over normal, but it is very 'unstable' as in the car feels rough when it is on idle. The exhaust also has pops of air every now and again which sprays out fine black soot. I have replaced the Air Flow Meter (Air Mass Meter / Sensor $187 from Repco) and it is doing the same thing. I am thinking maybe the connectors to the AFM are problematic.

Also now I think from back when my car was low on fuel I was driving it and it sounded like it was backfiring with the turbo and since the calibration on the boost gauge is way off (30inhg on idle) so I've ordered a new boost gauge (spider). It also seems that it is losing a fair bit of pressure when the turbo is held on, havent checked recently but probably still doing it. I am thinking that perhaps the tubing has busted or something? As when it backfired it popped the boost gauge and has a whistling 'pchsshhh' whenever the turbo kicks in, someone told me that this could have been the air flow, I'm not too sure, because it had never done it before, but yeah it's doing it now.

Would be great to get a reply, :)

22-08-06, 19:19
have you checked for any leaks in your piping maybe? From your clamps

22-08-06, 19:26
$187 for an AFM!!! WHOOOAAAHHH!!! Have you checked the resistance across pins 1 and 6? It should read .386 ohms.

Sounds like youve got a bit of a boost leak from the gauge.

22-08-06, 21:13
i'd check for a vacuum/boost leak too. If the guage is stuffed, take it out and close off where its connected up.

as above - check the afm make sure its spot on - being brand new (and paying a sh!tload for it, you better hope its good!)

22-08-06, 21:35
Yeah I think I'll check for a leak somewhere, not too sure where to look for the boost gauge vacuum cables or anything, still learning things but um with the AFM it is working exactly how the other one I had in it was working which leaves me to believe it's the electronic connectors that connect from the electrics loom into the AFM thats the problem. Anyone know where I could get a connector from? or even if this sounds like it could be the problem, thanks.