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24-07-06, 20:10
The exhaust from the Cat back is very bad and requires replacement asap.

Is there anything special I should consider...or will any old setup will do?

I took it down to a joint in Malvern and intially he said he'd be able to fit something for us Saturday morning, then when I got there he ummed and ahhed and said that for about 1,500 he'd fix me up with a great exhaust on another day. Instantly I thought that he was ripping me off so I thought that I'd ask here.

Plus, I'd never go back there again after the way he tried to get the car up on their four poster hoist. A five year old would've been able to work out that a car that low would not make it up that ramps to a hoist that high...but he gave it a shot. Thank god his assistant stopped him. They moved the car back and shoved some 4 X 2s under the ramps and gave it another go. Nah, still not enough height. So they went for the small ramp shaped 4 X 2 blocks and inserted them under the tire whilst half way up the ramp. Slowly but surely the front tires went up on both blocks but then the bloke slightly turned the wheels which caused one of the blocks to be forced out from the tire, the car dropped onto the front of the ramp and onto the splitter...I was beside myself...what a disaster!

24-07-06, 22:20
$1500 is a farkin rort, way too much. Unless that's for a twin system. For a 3" turbo back exhaust, you should be looking at about a grand. For a cat back, even less.

24-07-06, 22:23
cat back press bent should be around 350.

Turbo back mandrel bent should be under a grand.

Then theres fitting...

25-07-06, 13:14
I'm in the process of getting 1 for my walky. Im getting mandrel bent 2 and a half, 3inch out back in mild steel with stainless mufflers for $500 or if you want stainless all the way through its about $1000. I thought im going to get mine hpc so im going for the 1st option.

27-07-06, 20:33
Nice one VL GRA. Where are you going to get yours fitted if you don't mind me asking?

Should I get a pipe put through the CAT? Did this exercise on the turbo and I don't really think that it made much of a difference...however they are 18 yrs old now though and possibly shagged.

Also, the headers look really small and it worth looking at better flowing headers too?

28-07-06, 16:27
pm sent