View Full Version : Noisy Motor on Start Up

09-07-06, 16:32
We've rinsed the motor now with two oil changes but um, it's really noisy on a cold start up until oil gets moving through the motor.

Are the lifters solid or hydraulic? If they're solid you can make an adjustment on the that right?

Or could this be pointing to another issue, hopefully not too serious. I'm used to noisy lifters from my vl six but this certainly sounds quite different.


09-07-06, 18:33
hydraulic i think...

hows the oil pump?

09-07-06, 18:51
The lifters are hydraulic. I know what you meen when you say the motor is noisy on start up mine is exactly the same till it warms up a little bit.

12-07-06, 12:59
Hi Guys,

just joined

I have no 211 with 107,000kms and live in Shepparton

Mine is noisy on start up too until she warms up

But wow what a car!!!!!!:p

12-07-06, 21:23
Welcome ShakyT-mine's not too noisy but then again i usually start her under my house then go upstairs and get ready.

13-07-06, 17:08
Whats your lifter pre-loads set too?

20-07-06, 21:18
iv had my motor rebuilt and was noisy on start up for a few seconds, but changed to a larger oil filter(red motor one i think?) now its fine! unless ya dont start it for a couple of months. but check the rocker adjustment. easy to adjust, harder to get the tappet covers off! lol