22-06-03, 12:21
Well all of u should know him GUP the guy with the yellow v8 moke,the guy who used to run kalbar and autofest for yrs.Well now he has his own show and what a show its going to be.It will be at QLD raceway.HERES THE INFO so come and support it i am should be a great weekend.


it on the 1st and 2nd of november 2003
gates open 5 pm friday
camping all weekend

events will include

Twin dyno's for 1 on 1 battles between mates

A no rules power skid comp.

Power skid for as far as you can against you mate

Unregistered cars are allowed to enter the burnouts only at this stage. if there are enough i will allot some cruising the track time for them if there are enough of them as i will not allow unregd cars to cruise with regd cars for obvious insurance reasone
as i said above

Cruising the track for about 8 hours over the weekend. no helmets needed take your mates with you in the car front and back straights will be opened up a little more so you can run your mates up to a certain distance so its not too unsafe.

A massive car show as you would expect with no dust around there will be a top 50 or so in the large sheds out there

The usual burnout comp and classes will be similar to kalbar but i will be revising them a little

The biggest drift comp ever possible using the whole track but the detalis will come later and i have a lot of litle surprises that i want to unleash upon the world as time goes by and i would like to see them on the track on their own using the whole track which has never been allowed b4 so they should go for that hopefully

There will be a website up by the end of the week

Intended to be the biggest show in qld and over the years i hope it could be on par with summernats and the easternats,

Also trade opperators, i want to smoOther the place with them along the pit row sheds.

Will also be able to cruise around the grounds as well but i have to work out a plan of where the route will be

Also i will be making it attractive for guys to pre enter b4 12th august so i will have details on the website about that

So guys lets support this fully and hopefully get it as big as summernats and with willowbank next door it has everything opn offer for all of us BURNOUTS,DRIFT AND DRAGS CANT WAIT.

22-06-03, 17:59
i will be in that - for sure

22-06-03, 18:20
Good ****.... sounds like its gonna take off, there really isn't anything like that up here.

Count me in for sure.

23-06-03, 18:42
sweeeeet... i'll have my licence back by then, and my car will have a little puffer under the bonnet by then too :D so i'll be there if i possibly can :D

23-06-03, 21:54
We need powercruise 2 in, but i will try to cruz up, as i know a few ppl who will garage my car for me
But we all know how easily licences are taken from us......god forbid any of that crap happenin to me again before hand

24-06-03, 17:57

24-06-03, 19:16
its in the first post 1 & 2nd november qld raceway

26-06-03, 01:33
I'm so there we really need to get a summernats type of thing for our selves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck with it dude I'll be spreading the word.

03-07-03, 09:50
yeah i will be there i goin to have to come talk to about it at aspley this week or something 0vl-666 i see u there all the time i will come up and talk to about it tonite

03-07-03, 11:28
I doubt u see me i havent been to asply maccas in over 5 yrs.

Myabe ur thinking of 666OVL?I heard there is a clone getting around ;)

09-07-03, 03:21
Calais Wars II.......Attack of the boost controllers

12-07-03, 12:51
heres the main flyer for the show d/l entry forms online thru the website.

before july 31st u save money on entry.

13-07-03, 21:31
Looks like it will be an awesome weekend..........I really hope i can get up there then

17-07-03, 23:37
HERES the latest info on the show from gup.

Powercruise update number 2 and I would like to start by announcing Carline Mufflers as one of Powercruise’s Major Sponsors. You will be hearing a lot about Carline Mufflers in the next 3 months and you can also check out their website via the link on the site.
Monroe and Lukey Performance Exhaust have also come on board with powercruise so you will be seeing a large range of performance exhaust and under car equipment on display at Powercruise from these great companies.
Sponsors that have given Powercruise their support thus far are as follows

Carline Mufflers, Lukey Performance Exhaust, Monroe, Queensland Street Car Magazine
Flooring Enterprises, Clarion, and Hardcore Racing Components.
We have about 15 other companies that are interested in supporting this great event and as they come on board, we will be letting everyone know.

Pre entries are still rising as are the hits on the webpage . You only have 16 days before the first round of pre entrys close so get in fast because there will be a limit on the number of entries accepted. We want to make the event as comfortable and laid back as possible for everyone to enjoy. I know I don’t want to have to line up all day to cruise the race track so that’s why there will be a limit of 400 entrants

During Powercruise, it looks like there will be a few challenges played out between entrants, who for one reason or another, think they have more horsepower on the dyno, think they will be the quickest in the drags, the toughest in the powerskids or think they are the best at powerdrifting.
If you would like to publicly challenge any other entrant that you know is entering Powercruise, send me an e-mail at with “challenge” in the subject area and I will call the other entrant and set up the challenge. You will need to supply all the info about your car and the challengers car and why you want to challenge.
I know for starters that there is an entrant with a 7 second prostreet car that is about to be challenged by a 10 second skyline in the street drags. This could be exciting as one rule for the drags will be “no burnouts to warm the tyres up allowed”. This is so the average guy in the quick streetcar will have a chance against the cars with street slicks.
I personally think the skyline will hose the 7 second prostreet car because of this rule so it will be interesting to see the outcome.
Challenges will not count in the actual events because they will happen at any time during the event. Probably before the particular event starts.
Powercruise will only be accepting registered cars as entrants in the events. Some invited display cars will not have to be registered as they wont be elligable to enter into any events for any prizes/prize money.
These type of cars will be by invitation only so don’t show up in your UNregistered burnout or drag car and expect to be allowed into the event.
Lastly, the website will have all the show and shine classes and trophies and prize money up in a few days so keep an eye on that, also if you have any questions about anything, powercruise will have a display at the Qld 300 this weekend at Queensland Raceway so drop in and see us and we will be able to give you all the answers you need. See ya there.

powercruise gup
23-07-03, 23:06
hi all
just letting the guys in toowoomba know that powercruise will be handing out flyers in the carpark in toowoomba thursday night so keep an eye out for us.
if you have any questions about powercruise, please come up and ask us.
see ya there

powercruise gup
27-07-03, 19:11
Hi again everyone
Powercruise update number 3
We have been working hard to get the Powercruise Guide done so everyone can see how it all happens. View the guide at . The guide basicly tells you everything you need to know about where to park, where to go if you’re an entrant or a camper and all about what the scrutineers will be looking for. There will also be a police presence at Powercruise and I have explained what their roll will be as well. So take the time to read it because it benefits everyone who attends the event.
You will also find in the menu section, details about 2 of the main events of Powercruise.
The Carline Mufflers Powercruise it’s self and the Burnout competition.
Both have been explained right down to what’s allowed and what’s not allowed and I think you will find that the relaxation of most of the silly rules have been addressed.
Details of the other events at Powercruise will be posted in the following weeks so stay tuned.
The sponsor list is getting longer every time I look at it. You can view the sponsors in the sponsors area at .
Chris Hollingworth is bringing his 1500 hp Blown Holden Commodore Ute to Powercruise to show off a little. He tells me that he would be pretty well invincible in the street drags. So I have set up a challenger for him in the way of Theo Woollett from Brisbane. Theo runs a 10 second skyline and he tells me if he can keep the engine off the rev limiter, he won’t have any trouble hosing the commodore ute over the 1/8th mile. Especially because there will be no warming of the tyres allowed so getting all that power to the ground from the commodore could be interesting to watch. This will only be a display and Chris Hollingworth will not be allowed to enter the events because his car is not registered. But he does have public liability so he will be allowed to cruise the track. So if your thinking of cruising the track and have always wanted to see how the big horsepower cars go on the street, here is your chance as Chris will be out cruising the track looking for some prospective ass to kick.

There are 6 days left for you to take advantage of the $100 pre entry for entrants. This price includes 2 people. 1 entrant and 1 season pass. And if you know how to use a calculator, you will see the value in this for sure.
More event details will be released next week so keep an eye on the updates.
The gates will open on Friday the 31st of October at about 3pm so for the earlybirds, you can get your car scrutineered, get your camping gear all set, and settle back in front of the live band on Friday night ready for the Carline Mufflers Powercruise which will start at 9am sharp. Check out the powercruise guide to find all the info you need to get started.
Powercruise will only be accepting registered cars as entrants in the event. Some invited display cars will not have to be registered and they wont be elligable to enter into any events for any prizes/prize money.
These type of cars will be by invitation only so don’t show up in your UNregistered burnout or drag car and expect to be allowed into the event.
If you have any questions about anything at all, please send us an e-mail to and we will call or e-mail you back asap. Or just call 0407172413

06-08-03, 19:41
sounds good cant wait

Jet Pilot
07-08-03, 22:16
sounds sweet, definately be goin :mrgreen:

07-08-03, 22:55
hah **** yeah.. sounds alright to me..
we should camp out there mikey... get andrew and the other boys and setup a little drinkathon for the nights and the days will be sick as !! aiight


powercruise gup
15-08-03, 00:06
Hi everyone
Carline Mufflers Powercruise update number 4

I know its been a few weeks since the last update but there has been so much happening, I just didn’t have time to get my 2 fingers to the keyboard.

Ok now if you’ve been watching the website, You will have noticed the event rules have been posted for the driving events. We’ve had so many calls asking if this is really happening, “are we really allowed to have passengers in the cruise and are we allowed to do powerskids, drift the whole track and are we allowed to use the whole track width and about 100 meters of the front straight as the burnout pad”.
Well I can tell you, the public liability issue is costing a fortune but the events were well thought out before we even made powercruise public and I would not have put the show on if we weren’t allowed to hold any of the events on the program.

As for the program. I have been holding back on it a little because I wanted to make sure it was jam packed before posting it on the site. Because of all the exciting things happening every week I have had to leave it open with regard to the entertainment but the events on the track will keep everyone busy. There will be a lot of surprises stuffed into the program during the event so you will just have to wait and see what they are, but believe me, you will be blown away with what we are planning.

The Carline Mufflers Powercruise is of course the main attraction of the event. This gives entrants the chance to cruise the track just like you would cruising down the M1 on a Saturday night. The only difference though is you are allowed and may I say, expected to play up to the crowd and to get you more excited, I have invited a few of the tougher cars from Brisbane and the Gold Coast for you to play with.
For the rotary guys, the 9 second turbo rotary powered rx2 going by the name “Grumpy 2”, will be cruising the track, also cruising will be the big red 8 second 505 cube Nitrous injected big block XB hardtop of Rob Bertolacci’s, Tony O’Connor will be cruising his yellow 9 second naturally aspirated XY falcon, and for the import guys, Mark Kaucic will have his 10 second “On Bail” Skyline cruising looking for unwary cruisers to toast.

All of these cars are street registered but seeing how I have invited them to put on displays, they will be allowed to participate in the events but won’t be eligible for prizes.
There will be a lot more cars of this caliber cruising the track so get your machine running at its best because you will need all the horsepower you can get to hang with these guys. Visit the accepted entries section of to see these cars.

Now for the big news.
If Gary Myers is the burnout king of the world, then the guy I have secured must surely be the “burnout god of the universe”
He will be cruising the race track with the entrants. Demonstrating the art of burnouts. He will even drop a few powerskids here and there
He may even show us his drifting style if the crowd can encourage him enough, but if not, his son surely will.
Now if you think you know who I am talking about, you could win yourself a free season pass to Powercruise.
For the first 5 people to reply e-mail me who it is that fits this description, I will send you one free season pass to Carline Mufflers Powercruise. The winners will be notified and published in the next edition of the powercruise newsletter, which will be sent out on Friday 22 August I will also let everyone know the identity of the “burnout god of the universe”.

Getting away from the horsepower for a minute, car stereo’s are always a huge part of any car show and with that in mind, Gold Coast Car Sound have offered their professional services in measuring the performance of the chest thumping car audio systems at powercruise.
GCCS will be holding the soundoff comp in the main show area from 9am Sunday. If you have any enquiries, you can go to and click on the GCCS logo to visit their site for their contact details.

You will have realized by now that Powercruise will be unlike any other car show. I am a petrol head to the bone and I intend to make this show the toughest and most exciting event you have ever been to.

Just a few quick points,
All prepaid entrants will be sent a letter confirming their payment has been received and info regarding their entrance to powercruise
Your cars must be registered. Trade plates are not allowed to be used.
The gates will open at 5pm Friday 31 October for entrants and campers to setup.
The program will be added to the website on Monday

That’s it for this edition, keep an eye on for all the latest info.
Don’t forget to tell all your mates and forward this e-mail to as many people as you can. The most forwarded newsletter was number 3 which was done 43 times and then it came back to me so keep up the good work everyone.

All enquiries please to 0407172413


15-08-03, 00:22
Im not a piss head yobbo really.. but i have a pretty decent question.

Is alcohol allowed into the complex ? ie. will campers be allowed to drink alcohol etc.

I can understand if its a no go.. cause u wouldnt want ppl waking up pissed still and then crusing the track with sober sallys :) so yeah wats the go here?


powercruise gup
15-08-03, 00:35
you are right, you rnot allowed to bring alcohol intothe event however the whole grouinds are licenced so you can sink piss where you camp and anywhere for that matter accept on the track.
all drivers will be tested before being allowed on the racetrack for any event.
if you have any questions,
mate please call 0407172413

15-08-03, 00:58
thanks gup.. that was nicely cleared up there..

Im sure i'll be at this event :) with a few mates aiiiight !
Mike are we camping ? I think we are..
andy, scooter, simo etc. u's keen ?

15-08-03, 19:58
Im very Interested what are the prizes you can win and are there different catagorys you can win like AutoSalon?

powercruise gup
25-08-03, 10:56
Hi everyone
Carline Mufflers Powercruise update number 5

Well I said I would have the next newsletter out by Friday so I thought I better get my act together and get into it.

First up, there was a huuuge response from the “guess who’s coming to Powercruise comp” last week. People were still sending their guesses in today so I can only assume that they really really wanted a free ticket to Powercruise.
The answer of course was “Victor Bray”, and in my opinion,”the burnout god of the universe”.
I have e-mailed the winners of the one season pass to powercruise. So if you didn’t receive an e-mail, keep an eye out on future editions as we will be giving away lots more freebies.

By the way don’t forget the “Burnout King of the World” Gary Myers, will be performing his awesome burnouts at Kalbar Autofest this weekend the 29,30,31 of August.
Visit for more info.
I will also be at Kalbar handing out flyers to POWERCRUISE. So keep an eye out for the entrants with the Powercruise stickers on the windscreen.

For the first time ever in Australia you will be able to cruise around a racetrack, with your car full of mates, next to the 2000 horsepower Castrol Burnout Chevy with Victor Bray at the wheel.

Yes that’s right. Victor Bray will be cutting laps of the Queensland Raceway Racetrack over the Powercruise weekend.
Victor will be out cruising the track every time the cruising is happening. The event program has been posted on the website. so check it out. He will be droping a couple of mind blowing burnouts on Saturday night and Sunday and he may even get into the powerskids, streetracing and drifting if I can twist his arm enough. Entrants will have the chance to cruise beside victor while he is driving the 2000hp Burnout Car around the raceway. So don’t be scared, get up beside him see if he will run you. Don’t forget, he used to be a streetracer as well so he will know what your up to. Don’t leave it up to me, go and see victor, say g’day and let him know what you think of his street racing style.
Ben bray will also be at Powercruise so keep an eye on what he’s up to as well. I cant say too much but he could be showing us his own burnout style in his own piece of machinery very soon.

Well that’s it for now, a short one for a change but some big news for Entrants.
Spectators will also be kept busy trying to work out what to look at next with the packed program we have sorted out for the weekend.
If you have any questions, please drop me a line

powercruise gup
03-09-03, 15:02
hi aero25
yes there will be a lot of different prizes and cash for different catagories or all the events at powercruise
however that infomation has not been posted on the website as yet but it will be there within 2 weeks from now

03-09-03, 15:22
hi gup,

whats the situation with police going to be like i can understand they want to stop ppl doing burnouts etc... but are they gunna stay out the front defecting every car testing every cars exhust and tyres etc be4 we get in there? because if this is the case i no a lot of ppl wont go in the events. i am thinkng of entering but wanted to clear this up? so any news???? also for the 140 that includes 2 ppl right? and u can go in any event you want? or all of em if u wish right? get back to me....

10-09-03, 21:11
ow you can count me in!!!, i should have a efi 5ltr or turbo six by then should fun hehehe cant wait

see ya there fella's

10-09-03, 22:08
Sound's awsome dude's:)! Hope there's more then car's to look at:)LOL! There better be some nice
quality girl's there aswell!.

powercruise gup
15-09-03, 17:38
Hi everyone
Carline Mufflers Powercruise update number 6

Well its been a busy 2 weeks since the last update so I will get to the important stuff.

The Powercruise posters have been made and sent out all around Brisbane, the north coast and the Gold Coast as well as northern NSW. If you haven’t seen one yet, check out and look in the Event Flyer section of the menu.

Just in case you don’t recognize the cars on the poster, we have from the left
Dean with his 10 second 351 clevo powered XB ute. Winner of multiple burnout competitions around Brisbane and the best rod thrower at the Summernats.
Grumpy with the 10 second turbo rotary which should be good to watch in the drifting.
Mark and his 10 second twin turbo Skyline. Very well know on the Gold Coast car scene.
Joe with the classic cruiser of the bunch with his blown big red 57 Chev.
Chris Hollingworth and the wild pro street 7 second blown commodore ute will be displaying his awsome power and talent in the special display of the on track action.
Radly from Forest Lake in the black 305 tuned port injected 32 Model A Roadster.
Tony with his low 9 second yellow XY Falcon. Should be good in the street drags!.
Lastly, Rob and his 505 cube nitrous injected 8 second big block XB 2 door hard top.
All of the cars above have been around for years and have a huge following. All of the guys are very approachable and down to earth good guys so drop in and see them in their pit row sheds for a chat. They will also be cruising the track all weekend so if your in your quick streeter, don’t be scared. Give them a quick run and see how you go.

Victor Bray has the center of the poster for good reason being the biggest kid of all of us with his 2000 Horsepower Castrol Burnout Doorslammer to play with. Victor is looking forward to cruising the racetrack with entrants from all over the country. As he said, he has been to all the big burnout events around the country but Powercruise is the only chance any one will ever have to cruise with the master and have a bit of fun under controlled conditions with only few rules to abide by along the way.
You will also notice Castrol has come on board with Powercruise so I would like to take this opportunity to thank Castrol and Victor Bray for their invaluable support.
Victor will also be taking people for cruises in the Buronout Doorslammer around the raceway so keep an eye on the website for more info.

The response from the whole tough car scene has been so huge that I have just ordered the next batch of event flyers/entry forms. This takes the total to 30000 flyers/entry forms that have been handed out so you can imagine just how big Powercruise is shaping up to be.

Now for who’s coming. Had a chat to Steve from Redcliffe Dyno and Performance today. and he informs me that he intends to bring his 1200 odd horsepower, 8.8 second 155 mph fastest Cleveland powered street registered Mark 2 Cortina in the world to powercruise to contest the drags, powerskids and of course the burnouts. Steve’s words were “the cortina will be set to ‘on kill’ in the burnouts”. and I can vouch for that. He has been to Archerfield burnouts a few times and was wicked. Might even be able to get him into the drift comp to. What do you recon Steve?. Does anyone think he will make it round the first corner ?.
Visit to check out all of Steve’s toys.

I have been getting lots of calls from performance shops all over Brisbane and the coast letting me know they are all bringing the toughest cars they have got to Powercruise. Very good to hear I said but like I said in the drag racing rules. Run what ya brung and hope you brung enough, is all I have to say because I think there will be plenty of them.

Powercruise will be at the Fast Fours Jamboree this weekend
so keep an eye out for us in the Fulcrum, Auto Pro and Hardcore Racing Components displays at the track.. Posters and entry forms will be available from these companies as they are also great sponsors of Powercruise.

Well that’s it for another week. The newsletters will be weekly from now on and with 6 weeks to go, things are only getting hotter. With more trade displays, on track entertainment, stage shows of all different types and there may even be a Miss Powercruise competition if anyone is interested in competing for the cash, prizes and the glory.
It will be a strictly cloths on affair (sorry guys) for the Miss Powercruise comp so if there are any interested ladies, please drop me an e-mail and I will pass your interest onto the organizers.
Don’t worry guys I haven’t forgotten about you, the mud wrestling/wet t-shirt comp will keep you entertained for hours. Also there will be no guys allowed to enter the mud wrestling (sorry girls).

Catch ya later

powercruise gup
06-10-03, 22:00
Hi everyone
Carline Mufflers Powercruise update number 7

Things are getting busier the more the word gets around about the event.
Brisbane’s Tripple M , B105 and River 94.9 have been talking about Powercruise already and it’s still 4 weeks away.
Also been getting a lot of questions from entrants and spectators alike so I will try to answer a few of the main questions on this newsletter
The main questions are
Q. If your camping are we allowed to bring caravans/popup trailers.
A. yes but I suggest you get be there Friday afternoon as spots are limited.
Q. Are we allowed to run open pipes.
A. You can run open pipes only in the burnout comp on Sunday. All cars must have mufflers.
Q. Can we book a camping spot.
A. No. we are not taking bookings. First in best dressed. You can camp right along the fenceline.
Q. I have sent my entry form and don’t have my tickets.
A. Entrants have all received a letter stating they will receive their Receipt which will gain them entry into Powercruise about 2 weeks before the event.
Q. What about the Law.
A. The Police have told me that they will be on the lookout for people who choose to make a spectacle of themselves by doing burnouts, driving with bald tyres or without exhausts outside the venue. If you are driving the way you should be driving, you will not draw attention to yourself and you will have a top weekend.
These are just a few of the main questions but if you have any questions, please either call us on 0407172413 or send us an e-mail.

THE SATURDAY NIGHT entertainment has also created a fair bit of interest because of the mud wrestling and wet t shirt comp. Girls have been challenging each other on some of the websites around the coast and Brisbane so it should be a good thing. If any girls needed any encouragement to enter, there will be prize money for the winner of the round robin competition. Also I have decided to let the guys have a slash at it because the girls have been letting me know that they want to see skin as mush as we do so with that in mind, we will have to have a bloke’s comp also. To all the tough guys out there who have always wanted to bodyslam someone else, or maybe your girlfriend, here’s your chance.

CRUISING THE RACETRACK will be the busiest part of the weekend. So in the interest of safety, we have put up chicanes at certain spots around the track which are designed to keep the speed to a safe level. There will be plenty of room on the track for everyone to go through these chicanes single file at about 50km/h so don’t think it will be a carpark as we are only letting a certain amount of cars on the track at one time.
There have been a few site updates lately so check out the Classes and Prizes section of the site.
We have received a few ideas for the pissfunny awards and they will be given out during the last cruise on Sunday.
Well that’s it for now, check out Streetmachine Magazine’s next issue for the Powercruise add and keep the feedback coming.

Don’t forget to get down to Street Torque at Parklands on the Gold Coast on 18th and 19 of October. Check out all the action at or click the link on the Powercruise website
Catch ya later

07-10-03, 14:49
ill come out for a day if some one has 2 spair seats in their car for me and mel ;)

07-10-03, 17:05
Yeah no worries Jeffo, as long as you touch my balls ahhaa

07-10-03, 17:55
wen is the next powercruise after nov 1st?

07-10-03, 18:01
no worries scotty...

07-10-03, 18:07
HAHAHA:) I might go any single chick's want to "CUM"? I got back seat spare:).

07-10-03, 18:14
gee yas couldnt hav it 1 week later wen i get me leicence bak ey? n e way, can i have a mate drive the car down, and i sho the car/cruise /dyno? and entry is driver plus 2 ppl? or 1?

07-10-03, 21:33
Yer, im there for sure. Pretty keen for this cruise time, ill get a few mates together and stay for the w/e. Has ne body organised a cruise up there yet? Havent seen it newhere yet, ive only just gotten on this site.

07-10-03, 22:15
you own the yellow bt1 with the plates 51KVL ey ?
five speed with the nice interior with 'turbo' embroided in the seats ?

09-10-03, 18:50
nah it's not him man haha
anyway yeah we'll start organising the cruise out there, who's camping !???
man if there was ever an opportunity for the brissie boys to kick it together over a few tasty ales this is it :D

So, who's camping ???
me ollie bill and jus are there, who else ?
who's cruisin the track ? i am :D
Ollie's got the rolla in the drift comp hahahaha
should be sick :D
l8r guys


12-10-03, 13:47
ohh talk about disappointment
come on fellas, who else will be joining our happy little calaisturbo camp ;) hehe
mike ? scoota ? andy ? ryan ? luke ?
ehhhhh ?/

12-10-03, 13:56
i will camp with you oliver hahahahahahaha

nah i dunno what i am doing

definately wont be entering my p.o.s in any competitions

12-10-03, 17:26
hey andy u keen to give me and mel a lift down if u go for a day? ;)

12-10-03, 20:55
drive your own ****ing car **** hahaha
you do have one don't you ??
:D :D

12-10-03, 21:06
yeah might do that

13-10-03, 17:26
if u call a camry a car then yes i do have one!! if i had a REAL car i would drive it.

13-10-03, 22:46
ill be working there all weekend guys car will also be there all weekend come and say hi.

15-10-03, 22:11
I shall be there - camping with a few friends in thier bright pink VH. going in the cruise just for the hell of it really as turbo motor wont be in before the cruise (grrrz... i swear it is coming along !!!! it is !! *thinks positively*)

24-10-03, 11:36
thought i'd give this a bump, not long to go now !
who else is in ?

24-10-03, 14:25
Hey Jay - what time are you rockin up to PowerCruise ? Mind if we camp with you - not sure who else is going and dont really want to be loners :D hehehehe.. I'm bringing a good 3m x 3m "gazebo" for a bit of shade and will have a 3 burner stove, table, chairs, tents, lanterns, and all sorts of other **** to make life easier over the 3 days :D

Who else is comin on out and camping ???

powercruise gup
26-10-03, 21:09
Hi everyone
Carline Mufflers Powercruise update number 8

Powercruise is on this weekend so get your stuff together, load the camping gear and girls get your mud wrestling outfit ready because its gunna be huuuge
Heaps has happened in the last week or so, and to kick it off, Victor Bray has called me, keen as mustard to hit the track and put some tread marks up the main straight next to all the would be streetracers. He also tells me that the new red Holden Commodore Ute will be on display near his merchandise trailer.

Question, who has ever wanted to have a ride in Victor Brays Burnout Doorslammer?.
Everyone? Yep I thought so, well for the first time ever Victor will be not raffling, he will be auctioning a ride in the burnout car to be taken on Sunday. Chris Hollingworth will also be auctioning a passenger seat ride. The auction is in aid of RACQ CAREFLIGHT and will be held on Saturday night after the track entertainment is finished.
So for the first time you can bid for the ride of your life in either car and not leave it to lady luck to decide.

If you haven’t got your entry in yet, we are still accepting them up until last mail Wednesday so take advantage of the $140 price until them. After this date and on the day the cost will rise.

Triple M is giving away free double passes to Powercruise in their Freq Club promotion so click on to bid for your free passes.

Check out the latest Streetmachine Magazine for al the info about Powercruise. There is a full page add in the middle of the mag and also Victor Bray has his say about the event in his regular article

Ok now about the grog.
Your not allowed to bring alcohol into the event because it’s against the law. Security will be checking cars at the scrutineering gate so look out.
I have however managed to negociate some good prices for the beer and spirits. XXXX beers will cost you $3.30 each while Bundy, JB and Scotch in cans will cost you $5.50. This I think you will find are very reasonable prices so once again, don’t bring alcohol into the venue.

The Powercruise T-Shirts have been made and are not the normal $5 shirt with a print on them like is normally found.
They still have a print on them but the print is actual photo’s of 6 of the toughest cars on the streets in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and the back of the shirt speaks for its self. The actual shirt however is mainly white with blue half sleeves and blue down the sides of the shirt. A long way from the cheap gear normally offered. The price however is still the same as a normal shirt.
You can buy 1 for $33
You can buy 2 for $50. now thats a bargain.
The Powercruise hat will also be there with an exciting design and these are priced at $28 each.
Figured you will also need to keep the beers cool so stubbie coolers will also be available for $8.

This will be the last update unfortunately as I have so much work to do, if anyone has any questions about camping, entering or any little thing at all, please call us on 0407172413 or drop me an e-mail
The website has been updated with all the dyno details, classes and prize money offered. Basicly the rules are as they normally are. Blown means anything with Nitrous, superchargers and turbo chargers and naturally asspitated means inject engines and carbies jobbies.

The classes and prizes section now has all the sponsors listed next to the trophys they are presenting.

The Soundoff will be presented by Gold Coast Car Sound and they have listed all the classes and prizes in the soundoff section of the event list also.

Lastly, if everyone prays for the event to be bright, hot and sunny all weekend long, I’m sure it will be

See ya all there from 3pm Friday afternoon

Michael Gilbert (GUP)

04-11-03, 22:59

Went to the powercruise on the weekend, just wanted to say it was awesome and I would love to see it happen again next year. Hopefully i have a half decent car by then to get involved.

Good work fellas.

05-11-03, 00:34
I went to powercruise on saturday and i dont mean to sound like a whinging mofo.. but i was greatly disappointed.. the things id rather have spent my 25 bucks on ;)
hope its better next year !!