View Full Version : Walky Tyre Width? Need Genuine Walky Info.

DVS 86
11-06-03, 11:23
Im having a debate with QLD Transport about the legalities of fitting larger wheels to my VL. Their rule is that you can increase track width by 30mm over the largest OE size wheel specified for a model of car - Walkinshaw does classify as a VL therefore I can increase my rim track by 30mm over a Walky.

So, can someone please post the standard Walky tyre profile size factory fitted and then post the largest width profile tyre allowable going by the Tyre Plaquard.

Thanx in advance.

PS - Imagine not being able to put 17x8 rims on your VL, it would be a crime.

11-06-03, 11:47
Its probably on the specifications Page at

11-06-03, 12:43
16 inch 205 55's I believe

11-06-03, 12:59
16 x 7" alloy wheels, designed by Holden
205x55 VR 16" Bridgestone RE71 tyres

Thats what my Walky sales brochure has on it.

It depends on how they class the model of car. Over here its what your actual car model came out with, and if it was an option for the car. So technically all VL Calais could only go to 16's has they came with 15's standard. In WA you can only go 1" higher and wider. Walky's could go to 17's...

DVS 86
11-06-03, 16:05
Yeah in QLD its 30mm over what teh largest allowable size was for that model.
Largest VL rim was a Walky 16x7 so Im not seeing how a FR17x8 by Simmons could be 'illeagal'.

Its actually never checked or enforced, its just that I want to honestly say that my car is 100% street legal when its finished. After that, the 19's come out to play and so does the N20. :mrgreen:

DVS 86
11-06-03, 16:06
PS - 205x55? Thats what Ive got on my pursuit rims right now. Weird.

30-06-03, 20:31

i been looking for a set of 55s for my wheels , i saw i think a set of eagles on a cop car that where 55s , what brand u got , i cant find any


02-07-03, 00:01
The problem with the Rim and Tyre size might be that both HDT and HSV are classified as a different manufacturer to that of your Holden built car. Different tyre placards for the different cars. But if you wanted the biggest then that would have been the HDT rims with 16X8" with 245/45/16" tyres as listed on my tyre placard.

18-07-03, 21:17
Walky wheels from factory were 205/55 VR 16, but most people now put 225/50/16 tyres on them now due to price and availability......When i first got my walky wheels i put the new std calais wheel size in them......, i think they were 215,60/16 Bridgestone Taranza tyres on them, cos they were seconds for $40 each.....sat like a tractor though.......