View Full Version : Heavy Duty centre bearing hanger.

21-07-02, 13:03
Does anybody run or can tell me where to get a Heavy duty centre bearing hanger (bush) on their 2 piece driveshafts? I heard the Walkinshaw part is the one to use. When I ask at a Holden dealer they look at me like I'm a ****head. :x Can anyone help? :?

21-07-02, 18:01
In my experience dealers always look at you like that unless you deal with them regularly.
Otherwise I was under the impression that there were only two different size driveshaft CV's available for the VL.

23-07-02, 19:25
I'm not talking about the C.V, but the centre bush assy. Can anyone help? :(

23-07-02, 20:47
What exactly do you mean bush, there is a rubber mounted roller bearing in the middle and the cv joint, i might be able to help you locate bits if you can tell me exactly what you want.

24-07-02, 07:23
A heavy duty version of the rubber mounted bearing is what I am after, even after replacing it with a new one, its better but still feels like it wants to climb through the floor on shifts and at 240kph plus.

24-07-02, 12:28
I understand now, there is a place in Australia called Noltec down the road from me called "" that could possibly make you a urathaned centre bearing mounting, they are pretty clever and it would be a lot stronger than a walky unit, also have you considered a one piece shaft and a tailshaft loop?