View Full Version : clutch problems

26-01-06, 08:27
HAving a problem with my clutch.
latley at time i find it hard to seclect gears as my clutch will not engauge.
i play around with the pin in the clutch slave cylinder and pump it a bit sometimes it works but then goes to **** again.
I repalced the clutch slave cylinder last night and it does the same thing..
my clutch is fine same with the gear box... what else could it be.. unless there is a hole in the fluid line somewhere realing presure..

Any help would be great

26-01-06, 08:34
Check all your lines, you may have a leak somewhere, and fluid is low...

26-01-06, 08:41
yeah might have to replace the line. maybe releasing pressure. and it has gotten worse latley. pain in the arse having to drive it to work with no clutch. im aware also that it requires clutch fluid when empty.
thanks for ya help madvk