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04-12-05, 16:50
Hey guys,

im having trouble with my VN 5litre and need some help,

the car at the moment has a cracked radiator and constantly leaks from the bottom left hand side of the radiator after everytime i drive it, ive been driving like this for around 1 month without any tempreture problems,

but yesterday i went for a drive and after notice that the car was pissing out water from the block near where the fan belt is... not from the radiator, but my tempreture gauge still reads normal

could this be my water pump as my mates vn had a similar problem recently
any advice will be greatly appreciated

06-12-05, 14:30
the thing is a clagger maybe that's why lol. Damon relax bro its only something small trust me. lol maybe its a sign that your box is going lol lol.

06-12-05, 17:29
[QUOTE=xchser]. Damon relax bro its only something small trust me. QUOTE]

SOMETHING SMALL, i cant drive my car anwhere cos my car is pissing out so much water. it looks like my car is constantly drunk as i always the missisippi river under my car. aaarrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!!

not funny :(

06-12-05, 17:38
water pump is prob whats leaking , real easy to replace on them types of cars , best bet is to get it presure tested just incase its leaking from other places that are hard to see..

06-12-05, 17:47
yeh that sounds like a water pump 4 sure

06-12-05, 19:21
yeah i thought it was the water pump at first, but my mate just had this same problem on his vn 5litre and he had a look at mine and is 99.99% sure its not my water pump. this leak is coming from right down the bottom of the block just behind were my fan belt sits.
im very weary to drive it though. thanks for all the help guys!

07-12-05, 17:59
prob nothing but a gasket, could even be timing gasket.. hopefully not as thats a bit of work to take off... just take off the fan and water pump, put on a new gasket (with silastic or rtv blue) and see if it still leaks, if so then find out exactly where the water is dropping from..

07-12-05, 18:27
"Pressure Test It"

07-12-05, 19:17
"Pressure Test It"

08-12-05, 12:33
im pretty sure it aint ur water pump from what ive seen man, just take it to a mechanic n get em 2 have a good looking over.

09-12-05, 13:38
thanks for all the help guys, just one last question

is it safe to drive, my temp. gauge reads normal but im not sure i can trust it, as i do not want to cook my motor. bear in mind that my financial status is critically low.