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20-11-05, 19:34
hi all, did a quick search and couldnt find what i was after so

what fuel consumption are you getting as an auto or manual turbo VL?

especially those who have done a conversion from auto to manual or vice versa


20-11-05, 19:39
~50l got me just over 430kms, mind you about 250-300 of them were highway kms, the rest of the week was normal everyday sydney driving.
mx7, 3.45s, stock bar zorst and 11psi. still runnin auto computer, oh and idle is at 1200 lol

20-11-05, 19:44
i get 400kms out of a tank, standard driving, suburban roads, 5spd, TO4, cooler, 9-15psi, exhst. i also only buy shell or BP premium

20-11-05, 20:38
a manual is always going to have less drivetrain loss then an auto,

however these days the state of tune from car to car more so determines the fuel consumption then the gearbox type.

i get 14-15L in my turbo manual in the city short trip driving meaning the car is usually cold half the trip.

on the freeway i get 8-9L or 10L with aircon on and boosting it a fair bit.

the low compression motor and SOHC means that the VL RB30ET is not really efficient by todays engines standards and the basic ecu fuel injection methods dont help either, basically you are never going to expect economy like you would from a new car today.

20-11-05, 20:43
I have a manual, however my odometre doesent work, and neither does my fuel guage lol

20-11-05, 21:57
my mountain bike doesnt use that much fuel......

but i can get from newcastle to sydney, drive around a bit and head home on a tank.....but when on a CT cruz it drinks some.....depends a lot on the driving style as to how economic it will be...other factors come into play, but it is a main one..

20-11-05, 21:59
since your JD powered and the amount you consume, it will cost more to power you and your bike then my car on Premium! :D

20-11-05, 22:19
yeah, i think my bikes engine puffs a bit too much smoke too

21-11-05, 09:56
Your best bet is to go searching for old motor magazines when vl's first came out and do ur comparisons to what they have written.

High/low kilometer engines , different car weights , different tunes , different performance mods etc.

No way with so many varibles u can get even close to which is cheaper on fuel.

21-11-05, 10:13
from my experience it mainly depends how you drive it.. if you're up it and always on boost, she'll be up there with the V8's in fuel consumption. however, if you drive like a grandpa and hardly ever hit boost, then they're not that different to any other atmo VL.

if you're still worried about it, but a hyundai.

21-11-05, 10:42
or a 3cyl charade

21-11-05, 11:37
after owning a few manuals and autos i would say manual is better.
best car on fuel ive owned so far woud be the calais with the rb25det and manual

21-11-05, 16:11
im getting max 200 out of a tank with a auto plus got a craked head but wood that make the fuel consumption that bad?

21-11-05, 16:17
around 400kms to 'empty' (which still has around 10-13L in the tank) which works out to around 12-13L/100km. 5spd, cooler, std turbo etc, 187rwkw.

when it was auto it only just got to that with a complete stock setup.

21-11-05, 18:03
im with you brettvlt i only get 200-250 i dont know what it is but im thinking the oxy sensor.

18-12-05, 01:03
Manuals the majority of the time should use less petrol...

Thats my 2 cents.

18-12-05, 01:07
Drive the mannual like **** and the fuel will cost you more than the auto, just depends how you drive really!

18-12-05, 10:21
im with you brettvlt i only get 200-250 i dont know what it is but im thinking the oxy sensor.

if the car seems to run fine but you are chewing the fuel it most prob is the o2 sensor

i was only getting 200-250 a tank and i replaced the 02 sensor and got another 100k's out of the tank
also check that your air flow meter is set at 384ohms ( i did this after replacing the os sensor and gained even more k's to the tank)

18-12-05, 17:23
yer i jsut changed my o2 sensor and i am now getting bout 300 350

02-01-06, 19:52
I have a VR 5.0ltr Auto at the moment will be manual within the week but its getting around 500k's on the highway and about 400 - 450 around town but i flog the **** out of of her and just blew the auto up again it lasted 3months from full rebuild gezz to much money lost going to manual my car is stock no extractors just a few holes in the exhaust and a cracked enging mount will post what kms i get when the manual is in! cheers

02-01-06, 21:57
just did a trip up to townsville and got around 9l/100km with ac on with a supra 5 speed. heads been ported also