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16-11-05, 22:48

I was wondering what sort of fuel consumption your cars get. it will be great if you can respond with your make modle and litres per 100 km it uses.

i am intrested in getting a calais either vl or vr both 5 ltr V8 but am getting mixed reports on what sort of fuel consumption they get ranging from 12 ltrs per 100 km to 27 ltrs per 100.

i am very confused.

do aftermarket parts make such a big difference.???

17-11-05, 02:54
electric fan, extracotra and air intake make my statto get nice economy, donmt be a sook a bout it

17-11-05, 11:39
If it is such a worry then dont get a performance car a little four banger is cheap on fuel. or have a performance car and dont care about the fuel cost.

17-11-05, 13:35
i get 150-200km from a full tank of premium, dont sook. im driving to canberra.

17-11-05, 20:18
NAH i am not sooking but i was wondering.

is it closer to 27 ltrs per 100k's
or closer to 15 ltrs per 100.

15 ltrs isnt much for a V8

17-11-05, 20:21
got a pb this week of 195 a tank

17-11-05, 20:22
NAH i am not sooking but i was wondering.

is it closer to 27 ltrs per 100k's
or closer to 15 ltrs per 100.

15 ltrs isnt much for a V8

It's impossible to answer, you can get anywhere from 8L/100km to 30L/100km (or even more if you try).

An engine doesn't get 'x' economy, it depends on about a million different things...

17-11-05, 20:48
my vk calais drinks it like fish......would make 300kms per tank MAX

17-11-05, 21:05
V8 fuel consumption depends mainly on your right foot..................

It also depends on the type of driving your doing, if your driving on Parramatta Road in peak hour you will really feel it, however if your running out the M4 at 100k's theyre not that bad.

Manual to auto makes a big difference as well, I found auto chews fair bit more round town.

VT with Gen 3 6 spd Country 9 litres per 100kms
City 14-16 litres per 100kms

My friends father has a VP 185i V8 auto wagon and it does the following

Country / highway 10 litres per 100kms
City 16-17 litres per 100kms

Bear in mind that these figures are with car being given a bit every now an d then but not flat to the boards all the time...............

If you cant afford a massive fuel bill then get the RB30 six, theyre a bit better and a lot more consistent, not as powerful but hey you pay for what you get. My RB30 turbo R31 Skyline manual does about 14litres per 100kms around town on 12psi and thats having a bit of fun, but i find its really consistent not like the 8.

I would steer clear of a VL 5l carby, just my personal opinion but they chew it bad and the injected 5l will kill it.

18-11-05, 09:15
I have Calias V8 with a mild cam and smoe head work. I have a mollory ignition and still running a rochester carby and on average i get around 250k's a tank. The only advice I can give you is get it tuned and dyno'd and then keep it that way.
You could look at a cold air intake and an aftermarket ignition but its all minimal for fuel economy. Its an obvious fact eight pots like fuel. If you worried about it don't buy one - fuel economy concern is not the attitude to have if you are considering a V8 purchase.
V8's sound great and are great fun to drive but with that sound and driving pleasure comes a price...thats just the way it is.

19-11-05, 06:04
Like they said a carby V8 will chew the juice big time

I've owned carby and injected Holden V8s and yes they sound great.......but that's when you put your foot down, and that sound is the engine gulping heaps of fuel and your $$$$

19-11-05, 06:57
My VZ SS gets about 14L to 100km city, and when I drove my Walkinshaw back from Brisbane (when i bought it) I got about 12 litres to 100 km H'way.

19-11-05, 12:25
the difference between injected and carby is rediculous, if u wanna pay lots for petrol, get a carby v8.. injected is a world better, as is every newer 8 since the holden, ie every new gen3 keeps getting better economy.. i had my uncles ss for a day once and it was averaging like 13.5l/100ks

19-11-05, 14:12
i had my uncles ss for a day once and it was averaging like 13.5l/100ks

You were driving someone elses SS and only used 13.5L/100km? Not trying hard enough :p

19-11-05, 15:23
You were driving someone elses SS and only used 13.5L/100km? Not trying hard enough :p
lol i know, in hind sight i should of had a lot more fun.. to be honest i was just enjoying it, such a smooth v8 compared to my holden 5litre...

20-11-05, 10:27
My VU SS gets about 450km out of a 60 or 70 litre tank, not sure of the size exactly. thats highway and city driving

22-11-05, 16:59
i have a vk 308. im lucky to get 300km 2 a tank

31-12-05, 13:16
Just under 200kms to a tank and that is driving like a granny and not going any faster than 50km/h

31-12-05, 14:35
Mate if i got under 200 even 300 on a full tank id be shattered!!!
I only got a VX Berlina V6 and that avg between 12.5- 14.6 depending on where im driving! I drove to Bendigo last week and it avg'd 9/100km and thats a 6.

31-12-05, 15:44
I forgot to add the motor is built for 500hp+ :p :D

31-12-05, 16:06
My V8 VL gets around 260-300kms to a full tank of optimax, the best i have ever done was 330ks and that was bone dry.

31-12-05, 19:27
i average about 9.8lt per 100k's highway driving in my 5lt VS calais, and around town, about 15lt-25lt per 100k's depending on if it gets a bit of a kick or not...


01-01-06, 12:54
My corolla only has a fairly small tank, about 35 litres i think... and that gets me around 100kms. I suppose thats what you get when you put a 400hp windsor in it with 4.11 gears :(

01-01-06, 12:57
417rwhp blown 355 stroker 14.0L/100km around down and 10L/100kmh at cruise with 3.7 diff gears and 3000 convertor