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09-11-05, 17:39
Hey guys,

My 5ltr 1988 VL Transmission has packed it in finally I think.. slips like all hell in every gear, wasnt a very friendly drive home :o

What box do the VL's have in them ? I know they are a 3spd Trimatic, but are they a turbo or aussie pattern ?

Also after some adive, get my current box reco'd and pay almost $1800 for that, or take the risk and buy a 2nd hand box for it.

10-11-05, 00:14
yeh mate...mine does the same thing only recently. also wondering what i should do. recon or second hand???

10-11-05, 10:23
You can buy an outright fully built Racematic from Hugo's in Melbourne for around 1600. I'm sure he would be happy to even ship it up to you....

72 of 150
10-11-05, 11:23
Convert to manual for around 2K that would be my advice.

19-11-05, 18:51
$1800 seems pretty steep for a trimatic rebuild. A basic rebuild last time I priced one up was around $800 with some minor shift work also. Depends if things like planetary gears are stuffed, then price goes up as trying to find a decent set can be hard.

Look for VC 4 cyl auto box as they will have the least amoutn of work given motor was such a piece of crap, that was advice from trans shop when it came to sourcing planetary gears. If box whines, then usually planetary gears are stuffed.

20-11-05, 10:35
like i said before adam, stick with the trimatic, get it rebuilt and u will love it

19-12-05, 19:36
anywhere else to buy rebuilt trimatics? ie performance shops.

19-12-05, 23:25

how much power can a standard Trimatic handle in a 5L vl?

20-12-05, 07:40
Go a Turbo 400 or even a 350 that would be urbest bet, or u could have ur Trimatic rebuilt and made pretty tuff
My mate runs a trimatic in his car built by Als Race Glides and the thing is pretty tuff

01-01-06, 19:23
Take the thing to an auto shop to actually check whats wrong with it. Ive spent a few hundred on mine when mines slipped / not had any gears etc instead of paying nearly $2000 for a whole new box!

01-01-06, 19:46
id just about bet its clutches, new clutches, new seals, new bands and a shift kit for under 1k

01-01-06, 20:32
Look for VC 4 cyl auto box as they will have the least amoutn of work given motor was such a piece of crap,

hahaha love your choice of words !