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07-11-05, 14:05
approx what HP can the standard 5L banana manifold make? what is it's limit??
Also what's the limit for standard injectors?

07-11-05, 14:35
I heard 550rwhp when boosted.. I am pretty sure thats for the STARR manifold though, which is basically an extrude honed 5ltr one.. so probably around 400rwhp standard..

I forget exact size injectors are standard assume you mean VN 5ltr, also depends what model 5ltr they are out of.. pretty sure they are around 318cc standard, or 24lb and approx max out at 260kw@engine.

07-11-05, 19:48
Standard injectors are alot less than 24lb, that is the rating for the Bosch 775's (HSV GTS, 215i blue tops). Not sure exaclty what the standard ones are rated to, but HP wise i'd imagine they wouldn't be good for anything more than 240-250rwhp, you would have to crank up the fuel pressure to crazy levels to push anything more.

Most people would say the same HP limits for the standard manifold in N/A form, but i'm currently using one until i get something decent next year and will be putting mine on a dyno soon hoping to make closer to 300. That's with some minor port work to the runners though, and very serious internals with the rest of the motor which definately isnt designed to breathe through the restrictive standard manifold.

Obviously using some form of forced induction would see these power limits increase, as it overcomes the restrictive nature of the manifold to some extent.

08-11-05, 14:01
Im running the standard bananas, with a 355 stroker, 286 cam, 9.8:1 compression and pulling 280rwhp with bosch blue tops. On a different dyno I pulled 310rwhp... I have heard many people say the limit is around 300rwhp (naturally aspirated). It starts to loose air into the engine at around 5000rpm

08-11-05, 14:27
n/a prob about 210rwkw is where she stops... boosted well thats another story, i doubt you'd ever find the limit... starr ones did go 550rwhp but i doubt a stocko would of made much less... that was prob only the superchargers limit too, with a turbo i cant see why it couldnt make 600rwhp +