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31-10-05, 14:03
OK after thinking i've sorted my fuel delivery issue by replacing both my fuel pumps, i was once again sitting on the side of the road waiting for the RAC!!

After much frustration and dismay as to what the problem was, i spied a little stream of air bubbles slowly filling the fuel filter.

So i must have a leak somewhere, haven't had a chance to jack the car up and check out all the lines, but was wondering if anyone has come accross this before and if there was any areas that are prone to causing leaks etc etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!



01-11-05, 10:32
Mate ive got the same problem i noticed it the other day with mine to, i am just yet to check ill do it today and let you know

01-11-05, 10:39
yea had this problem in my old vl it kept on surging and cutting out on me.

had fuel pressure however the fuel was aerated, couldn't work out what it was changed the tank and all was good. it killed a few external pumps though so watch out with that.

01-11-05, 12:24
Hi Stevie,

Can I ask what the symptoms were? I can't really answer your questions but am having a temperamental issues with a carby car I have and I am not making any progress! Like you I have changed things and it still happens.

Runs rough, no power and surgy or perfect. And it can be either on any day or go between.



Ps. Did some checking today and noticed I get little bubbles too. It runs fine off a fuel can and doesn't give any bubbles then. (Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread ;))