View Full Version : Spark Problem 308

30-10-05, 20:39
Iam having problems with spark it got really god spark out of the coil and not much at all out of the leads ive put a new coil,leads,plugs and even changed elec dizzy three times theres just not enough spark to start it

30-10-05, 21:51
the only other thing really is the rotor

31-10-05, 09:59
the only other thing really is the rotor
got a new rotor and cap

03-11-05, 13:07
yep, rotor and cap.
i've had dizzy problems in the past, what a bitch of a place to hide the dizzy. behind the engine

03-11-05, 15:54
Thanks For Your Help But The D***head I Brought The Car Off Of Was Running The Holley Fuel Pumps Of The - Side Of The Coil Which Was Taking All The Power To The Dizzy So He Lucked Out He Took It To A Machanic To Get It Fix But They Could Work Out The Promblem And Chage Him $450 Haha