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02-10-05, 20:52
Hi guys ive been lurking about for a while now and am a turbo fan more than a V8 fan, ive purchased the above car, from what i can tell its pretty much stock VT SS, im looking at mods, starting out small and then building up, can any of you guys give me an idea of where i can start and where i should be heading? thanks in advance

Ps my engine light is on ATM is that a huge drams or just a sensor crapped out! should i get it to a mechanic asap, or in my own time?


02-10-05, 20:55
Decent set of extractors, and a nice exhaust to go with it
LS1 Edit
Induction Kit
Bigger throttlebody

With those alone you'll love it. Edit will set you back abit, but DEFINATLEY worth it.

02-10-05, 21:07
thanks adam, im familiar with everything except EDIT?
i think CAI is cold air intake?
about all it has is a K&N filter and slight mod on the muffler!
still the air intake sounds tough :D

im really keen to play around with this baby

02-10-05, 21:22
Yeah, CAI is cold air induction.. piece of $20 flexi tubing from bunnings will get you going there heheh.

Edit is when you take it to someone who modifys the computer software to make your car run alot more healthy and gain some serious power. Sets you back about $1000 or so thou.. but definatley worth it.

I have seen a friends VY SS go from 204.7rwkw to 238.5rwkw. Thats with:

LS1 edit
HPC coated 1 3/4 inch 4 into 1 Pacemaker headers (comp type)
Twin 2 1/2 inch stainless steel exhaust
K&N Filter

It went into the shop with the mods all done to it, pulled 204.. did the edit and came out with 238.

Pretty well spent money if you ask me :D

Mmm LS1 into a VL.. god I want to win lotto

02-10-05, 22:45
cam and a chip!

02-10-05, 22:49
My dad has a vx ss, hes done all thoughs mods! plus a bit more, and believe me, its worth it,

02-10-05, 23:05
first, let the ****er breathe. Monaro Cold air intake, best bang for buck you can get.. its about 25bucks.. get out the hole saw and do the 2 hole mod..
extractors and exhaust.. twin 2.5 systems plus pacemakers go for around 1300... LS1 edit, Mafless looking around 1500, Maf around 1000ish depending where you go..if budget it tight... chipmaster do mail order maf tunes for 400, and mafless for 600.. your in melbourne, i suggest going to G&D, glenn and the boys will look after you, otherwise Amberley Autos (HPF).. Next best thing to do is Diff gears, 3.7 if auto and 3.9 if 6 speed.. Stay away from SS inductions stuff, especially the Cold air intakes.. if you go mafless for around 600-700 you can get an over the radiator cold air intake which make a huge difference.. whats your budget to spend on it?
Depending what you use the car for, and how economical you want it, you could go from a mild to wild cam, but when you start getting up 235+ youd have to start looking at fly cutting your pistons or getting the heads done as well.. Amberleys i think do a head and cam package, drive in drive out with tune for around 7ish.. which will be good for around 300ish RWKW.. it all depends on dollars..

03-10-05, 01:01
mafless tune, and everything adam said!

you'll pick up **** loads of torque up all over the revrange!
it'll feel more responsive, and lighter!

then you blow it :)

03-10-05, 08:14
if you want more torque, go for tri y's.. 4 into 1s are better for top end

03-10-05, 11:11
thanks guys, i think il start with air intake.... whats 2 hole? can i get a GTS set up from holden?

then il do extractors and exhaust.
then maf and computer

im looking at rolling 3-4 grand over a month or so!

thanks again u guys have grear knowledge


03-10-05, 13:04
basically the two hole mod is pretty simple.. the standard airbox has two small restrictive pipes going into it, the monaro cold air intake basically sits behind the headlight collecting all the air.. the only thing is, the MCAI only has one hole, where the airbox has two.. all you got to do, is attack the MCAI with a hole saw, in the right place, then put a small bit of pipe or something between the airbox and CAI to seal it off from the engine bay and it will make a huge difference (i used some duct tape then covered it in fibreglass resin).. even the stock MCAI is worth its weight in gold.. great improvement over stock.. and for the price its awesome.. ill post up the part numbers when i get home.. i think it comes to around $28 all up or something like that.
I only know all this cos ive been thru it and done most of it on my car.
get rid of the turtle shell cos it traps to much heat, you can get VZ covers for around 35ish each i think..

03-10-05, 16:21
just checked my airbox, seems to have a pipe coming out of it and bending down behind the headlight with a foam end on it and below that(in air box right down the bottom is a big hole i can almost fit my fist in!!

03-10-05, 16:56
mate if you like turbos and you own a gen 3 get on the phone and talk to CAPA about a single turbo kit!!!!
10 grand and you'll be doing 10s easy man