View Full Version : Blown 9" diff

02-10-05, 00:51
Its saturday nite, ive gone for a drive dropped a burnout and blown yet another diff.
Didnt think after spending $1500 on a 9" conversion i would have these problems agian.
Havnt pulled it out yet, i can turn the tailshaft 1/2 a turn before it engages.:mad:
All im running is 308, trimatic and was spinning a 185,13 cheese cutter.
The answer, FORD - found on rubbish dump!!!:p

02-10-05, 01:51
that diff must have had a hard life.

02-10-05, 12:26
I have a good centre for it!

02-10-05, 18:23
just get a nice strengend borg warner..
9" diff's are over rated..

02-10-05, 21:44
Mark - The problem is DARWIN, u want something done properly, send it south west or east!!!! Too many sharks in town.

Anyway, broke the pin. However time for a full rebuid.

Can anybody recomend a good diff rebuilder, i want to get the gears relaped, new bearings fitted, ect... And where. Freight is never a problem.

03-10-05, 00:52
oh wait i know.. how about ease up on the burnouts or learn how not to just drop the **** out of the clutch...

to break a 9 inch your usrely doign osmehting wrong..
aah who cares..

03-10-05, 00:57
it could of been a faulty 9inch.. its known to happen!

it might be worth getting one from down this side of the au.
theres plenty of quality builders in qld. and frieght if you really look into it isn't that much.. you could most likely get a full diff (axle to axle) delivered for a little over $100.

03-10-05, 17:04
BEEJAY what would you know, if the roll pin was worn and the pin was old, the roll could snap and it all over, easy as that.

Best to double roll pin or weld the pin in for a ever lasting centre.

But for a good price i can hook you up with a detriot centre

03-10-05, 21:50
BADVLSL - How do you drop the clutch on a trimatic????

Anybody heared of a "LockRight" center, belive its like a detriot. Got one here, yet to put it in.

JET-6 Can you email me with $ and info on center

03-10-05, 22:54
Ill get the info this week!

05-10-05, 20:49
haha oooh trimatic.. yeah i guesss your right Jet.. lol :D

05-10-05, 21:07
im after a disc brake setup for a 9" diff(commo stud pattern) if anyone has any info

14-10-05, 09:02
Ok asked my mate about the detriot centre, he wants $600 for it and is unsure of the ratio, id say it will be short as it was in his chevy truck(mini truck style)

14-10-05, 12:46
must of been a hell of a burnout :)

17-10-05, 20:43
doesnt matter about the ratio as long as its a detroit centre ;) im guessing its 31 spline or not :S

18-10-05, 14:33
I never asked, if anyone is keen ill go pick it up and count the ratio and check the splines!

Only if your serious but, its not exacly close to me!

21-10-05, 23:22
Price dropped, mate sms'ed me and said sell $500

Now thats a cheap 9" detriot locker!!!!!!!

22-10-05, 22:38
Short of cash @ the moment. Moving house.....
$500 is v-cheap though.

22-10-05, 22:57
No rush, just pm me later!

Its just sitting in his shed ready for me to pick up

28-10-05, 16:00
Ok just got a look at it, its a complete F100 diff(drum) with a detroit i have been told, yes it feels locked but i have not removed the centre to inspect.

One this is the yoke has been removed

Unsure on the splines, so he wants $500 for just the centre or $700 whole diff complete inc axles and brakes.

If ppl want to know more ill have to drive out and remove the centre(2 hours return) but only if your 100% keen, it quite a drive and i have already done it once today!