View Full Version : Style Dials

10-07-02, 19:31
Has anybody tried out any of the style dials on their cars, and if so are they any good :?: - Looks, Visibility :?:

Jet Pilot
13-07-02, 18:07
i brought the dials of matt (86gmh)
from emtech i think the company is who made them....
they look really good i reckon and are good visibility...

VL Calais
13-07-02, 18:44
Can you get em so the speedo goes higher than 200?

Jet Pilot
13-07-02, 18:46
nar mines still the 200 top speed...
im guessin u might be able to get more then the 200 somewhere..
u dont really go 200 or more to often anyway :D
i have pics if ya wants some??

VL Calais
13-07-02, 19:06
hehe true,
but it would still be nice to know how fast your actually doing when it goes off the clock.

Jet Pilot
13-07-02, 19:09
hahaha lol yeah i wouldnt mind knowing actually... it kinda freaks u
out though when u look down and go mother jeezus!!
not that i go over 200 :D :D