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07-03-03, 13:39
I recently purchased a genuine Walkinshaw (no. 204) I have had endless trouble with the motor reving up to about 1800 to 2000 rpm at idle and stalling problems. I have been to numerous supposed experts across north queensland at great cost to myself. Can anyone recomend a decent service centre in north queensland and / or information about the electronic specs to help sort out the problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :cry:

07-03-03, 14:49
Something to check would be that there is absolutely no air leaks into the pleneum chamber. Check all the vaccum hoses and throttle switch adjustment.

10-03-03, 14:00
computer problems maybe?

10-03-03, 15:29
There's plenty of highly modified Walkinshaw's in QLD so there's gotta be a few people that know what's the go with them. Have you tried Chiptorque in Nerang? I don't know how far North you are, but if your toward's the Coast give them a try as they've played with a few, so they might be able to help you out

11-03-03, 11:12
na man any mechanic that can plug into ur comp can tell u wat the problem is u dnt need to spend big bucks at the name joints

11-03-03, 18:14
Yeah true, but i mean if you rock up to a mechanic tell him the problem and he looks over and sees you drive one the most sought after aussie mussle cars like the walky then he will instantly think you have money and he will make sure that you dont leave without spending an arm and a leg one something!!!!!! Happends a fair bit 8O

06-05-03, 17:04
have a gig at the IAC (Idle air control) Valve which is located at the back of the manifold top OR on the primary throttle body.

These often clag up with carbon & the IAC is limited to slid back & forth. Remove it clean it with carb cleaner & refit it with a new o ring. Also wash out the IAC passage with carb cleaner. Check the plug does not have backed out terminals on this

Check the timing is not too far advanced, be alert that the balancer has not slipped, giving a false timing mark relative to the timing case.

23-11-05, 22:48
Just an update for anyone who might be interested. I purchased the walky metioned in the original post and it still had the same problems and after a bit of playing the IAC was unplugged and the TPS was crap. Replaced the TPS and plugged in the IAC and started running good execpt base idle was way out and base timing is out. Had the computer checked and its fine but 2 days later new fault code appears (electronic spark timing) and won't stay running after it kicks over. I think the ignition unit has kicked the bucket. Over all poor old 204 has been looked after too much in its past but I have a lot of plans for her once I move to Newcastle mid next year.