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29-08-05, 19:52
I Bought A Secand Hand Autometer Sportscomp Off Some Guy Ages Ago And He Had It In A 6 So I Was Just Wondering How To Change It To A V8 Setting Any Help Would Be Cool;) ;) ;)


29-08-05, 19:56
theres 3 looped wires on the back, 2 should be cut i think? look on the autometer web site for the spec sheet for the tach and join/cut the other loops to adapt to a 8. from memory all are joined for the 8

30-08-05, 09:52
If it was on a six cylinder either the brown or the orange wire (bottom rear of tacho) will be snipped, if it was on a 4 cylinder both wires would be cut...For V8 both wires need to be connected.

30-08-05, 21:04
cool cheers

30-08-05, 21:06
whoopsy daysys i mean cool cheers