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16-08-05, 00:18
Been thinkin for a while will a VH 45 Infiniti motor 90 D V8 quad cam fit into a Vl,i know its very wide, havent measured yet, but going to soon, any ideas on if this would actually work with the Auto and computer, u need a half cut and a bit of work required fabrication of mounts and tailshaft and rear cross member & a V8 than can Rev abit.

16-08-05, 10:19
good question, ive always wondered why everyone goes for the little 4litre lexus v8 and not this 4.5litre nissan one ???? any jap motor will fit in a commo, all their cars are tiny in comparison

16-08-05, 11:25
the lexus motor is only 2k for a front cut.... 32 valve 8 and has osmething like 300kw? Dont quote me on power figures, but that amount of power out of a stock car is pretty wild.

Not sure about the nissan motor but with that .5 of a litre difference is it even comparable?

16-08-05, 12:02
now this i would love to see

16-08-05, 12:59
lexus motor is 215kw stock, and ive seen them in a lj torana fit easey so in a vl no worries, also with a supercharger on 1 they will hold 600 hp stock internals everything alday long.

16-08-05, 14:13
I spose the good thing about toyota is that they over engineer their engines to hold up. Not many companies now days actually over engineer their stuff, so they are on or approaching the limits of their specifications as is.

But I would be interested to know more about this nissan engine, because it seems they have some pretty tough engines from stock neways.

16-08-05, 15:24
that;s a different motor slrl31

16-08-05, 16:42
they fit into R33 skyline engine bays, so yes they would fit into VL engine bays i believe. top engines.

16-08-05, 17:08
Ive seen an R32 in the build thats going to be running a VH45 and twin turbos, .......
Strictly a drag car, should be interesting.
edit-my bad.