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09-07-02, 01:15
I've got a VL (N/A 3L) I will probably be putting an RB20DET into it in the future, but first I need to upgrade suspension components and the braking system. I've had a look and the Whiteline VL Works Kit ($1600 fitted; shocks, springs, swaybars, bushings, optional camber kit) seems to be good value for money and I've heard it's also fairly decent.. can anyone confirm this? Whats the ride quality like? Anything better for around the same price?
I'll also need to upgrade my braking system.. do VT front brakes fit onto the front hubs without modification.. I'll probably get a VL rear disc end also.. can I keep the standard brake booster and upgrade master cylinders?
Cheers guys, sorry about all the questions. :D

09-07-02, 09:57
i would be using a V8 booster and 1inch master for the upgrade.

disc rear end will require an entire housing. so if your keen go and get a turbo LSD disc rear.. around $1000, VT discs/calipers can be bought in a kit to fit the vl's, but they're a bit expensive, VL-turbo calipers/discs are fine and relatively cheap..

as for the suspension, thats a bit high, I did all of mine myself with eibach/eurothaine bushes and adjustable everything for $1300.

as for the RB20, big job - but it will move with that under the bonnet.

i know it sits in there but you may have problems with gearbox's or alignment of them. tailshafts etc.

much MUCH easier to go and buy a VL-turbo.... cheaper too.

09-07-02, 19:50
Cheers sadistik!
Are VL turbo discs and calipers the same units as V8 ones?
The Whiteline kit isn't too expensive I guess, $1200 for parts and $400 for fitting, I'd rather pay someone else to do it, changed a friends springs and shocks the other day not very fun! :D
As for the RB20... it will be difficult as I'll be going from automatic to 5 speed as well.. but it will be worth it! :D

10-07-02, 13:12
i used a whitheline works kit with kmac camber kit - rides still good, firmer than std but still good and handles awesome. :D
It will be money well spent.

10-07-02, 16:35
Nice.. I think I'll be going for the Whiteline option, cheers :D