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08-07-02, 22:37
Hey I ever since I replaced the front struts on my n/a I get a distinct sound coming from the right hand side near the wheel during almost any low speed turning such as parking backing out or if the drivers side wheel goes over a bump on an angle or when driving perfectly straight over one of those square speed humps, it sounds like the spring rattling around or the spring sliding, but I have pulled off the wheel and checked everything is done up tight and with the car jacked up the spring is still tight.
anyone got any ideas ? did i forget to tighten something or what?

09-07-02, 00:16
if you find it let me know, my car and a few of my mates ones make a small clunk under low load steering or over small bumps occasionally, seems to stop after its done it once or twice, I have replaced EVERYTHING in the front end and it still does it sometimes, doesnt worry me anymore as its always done it and probably always will. have to remind myself its only a VL :D.
ps. I thinks its just the springs moving around a little bit

09-07-02, 00:28
did you replace the bearing plates? mine was making the same sort of noise i replaced everything from brake pads to sway bar bushes and it turned out to be the bearing plates. The bearing in the right side bearing plate was flogged out and clinking and clanging when i hit bumps.

09-07-02, 22:42
yeah i replaced everthing, it is hardly noticeable and rarely does it now anyway so it doesnt bother me
how bout you vl jay?

09-07-02, 23:22
sorry dude i think we posted at the same time. I was pointing that towards vl jay :D

11-07-02, 21:45
It's the bearing plate....

All my suspension was checked out and the bloke at Pedders said its the bearing plate.

He also wasn't happy to even let me drive the car because the thing is so f**ked that half an inch of the left shock is poking through the strut tower.

So if anyone has a bearing plate for sale, and can tell me how to replace it that'd be great.

12-07-02, 00:31
Its pretty noticible every time it does it which is mostly when backing
out and parking mainly straighting up the wheels just as you finish parking
the the only way you can not hear it is if you turn up the sterio :D
but the more people i speak to the more it seems to be the bearing plate
anybody got any ideas on price??

12-07-02, 11:10
You are best off replacing both of the bearing plates with two new ones. I had mine replaced for just under $200, that included the purchase of the new bearing plates(which i tracked down myself), the fitting of them and a wheel alignment (i got a deal on the fitting and alignment).

13-07-02, 16:11
the bearing plate is the thing held in the top of the strut tower with 3 little nuts ey ?? it houses the bearing for the front shock and can be adjusted to change castor and camber right ????? its black and circular in shape ?

13-07-02, 17:25
yes, yes and yes :D

13-07-02, 17:58
Thats correct Ollie....

And on the topic of Bearing Plates.... ne1 got one??? I have 1" of the front shock poking through the top of the strut tower.

13-07-02, 18:16
Its not a part that should be bought secondhand. Buy new ones. Change both sides at the same time. Im pretty sure any half desent suspension place will tell you that.

14-07-02, 17:54
i've got 2 spare ones of matts car.. however i think the left fornt one would be ***et caust the strut tower has been but upward from hitting the ground so hard..

U might still be able to use it Rob, its probably in better nick than the one u got if u wanna buy it off me as a temp fix while u save for new ones.

15-07-02, 23:05
finally someone shares my trouble, i got new steering rack and monroe struts, ever since then it has had a clunk/clink when i go right at a round about, or turning at full lock or simular situations. i had it checked, still to no avail.....they reckon it was the rack, but it had all new tir rod ends etc,

i have left the noise as i can;'t b bothered and it doesn't effect the car in ne way...


18-07-02, 12:44
mine also does it but only when i'm turning left and only on the right front wheel...
bang bang clonk haha

VL Calais
18-07-02, 20:28
If you replaced the stuts you used strut inserts right. I find that you have to do the insert retainer thing up farken tight or you will get a rattle as the insert flops around inside the strut. at work I normaly do the up with a set stillstons(monkey wrench) while in the vice. :D