View Full Version : VL Engine Mount Situation

05-08-05, 22:34
okays, i just removed my rb30 and am about to put the v8 in it. however comparing the engine mounts (welded to the car) the V8 calais mounts are closer together then my 6 cyl ones. what do you guys have to do to fit the V8 in it, do i need to buy special mounts as i just bought regular VL V8 engine mounts.

06-08-05, 01:58
u need a vn v8 engine crossmember or a vl one, you can put an earlier model in but u will need to change the steering knuckle....(i think)

07-08-05, 11:11
cheers mate i figured it out! i changed the k frame over, what a pain in the rear. i wont be doing that again for a while. anyways got the engine in yesterday, now i just need to finish putting the little things back together.