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26-02-03, 17:11
Does anyone no which of the 500 walkinshaw's got the prototype efi V8 that HDT made in 1985 - 1986

26-02-03, 19:31
There were 750 Walkinshaw's.

27-02-03, 09:39
I know that Walkies 1-100 had their engines built by Larry Perkins Racing. And they were alot more refined than there Holden built counterparts. More precise clearances for one.

07-03-03, 15:49
That sound's about right, NZ VLTURBO, and also, the last 250 were apparently hurriedly slapped together for some quick sale's

09-03-03, 22:11
were abouts was that last walky that has never been sold at a dealer, the one they want sum stupid figure for

10-03-03, 15:25
It was at some dealer, West of Sydney wanted $50k or so, according to the article in Street Commodores

10-03-03, 16:44
i heard the last one only got sold just a few months ago.still brand spankers!

10-03-03, 17:19
That would've been the one as it was the last remaining brand new one. Must have been sold to a cashed collector as I don't see the point of using that car on the street

10-03-03, 18:41
UMMM i dont think that was the last remaining on that is brand new had on for 75 only had 350 km on the clock with original plastic still on the seats :roll: Or am i thinking of the same one that you guys are talking about

11-03-03, 08:32
same 1
but it has less kays then that

11-03-03, 18:08
Wait a sec this is the one im talking about 1988 HOLDEN COMMODORE VL GROUP A
Engine Size: 8 cylinder
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Sedan
Km: 335
Colour: Silver
Stock No: 017
Location NSW Australia
Price AUD$75,000
Vehicle ID Code: CW1416286-023-017

Description 4.9 litre V8 engine, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, cruise control, collectors item, VL Group A Walkinshaw owned by our dealership for 15 years. Never driven, never registered, full body kit and seats still in original plastic. Genuine enquiries only.

Build number 017 8O

I was thinking no one in their right mind would pay that kind of money for that i mean sure its a walky but 75K 8O
I bet the dealer that has got it got is for tax purposes so he can say nah i cant pay this tax cose ive got this car worth 75K that i cant sell so dont tax me cose ive still got all this stock to clear up!!!!! Could this be the case, just remember dont give me 2 much **** cose i really have no idea about how tax works i mean ive never paid it in my life yettt :P

17-03-03, 13:37
the protoype engine built by HDT was fitted to a VK SS Commodore.

Here is a pic and brief write up:

Sorry for large pic but someone requested a high res version.

17-03-03, 15:45
It wouldn't have been $75k. As I recall from Street Commodores a few year's back, it was closer to $50k or so

17-03-03, 17:07
Let's face it there may be several Walkys around that aren't new ( never sold) and in the garages of collectors. A brand new one is really one that has never been sold to anyone, not just one with little or no kms.

18-03-03, 00:12
I did read that there was a walky in storage with about 3 kms on it if that.

the side skirts and front lips are off the car as they came assembled as they are a dealer fitted option, but im pretty sure it was bought as original as it can be.

If you open the car i bet you get the new car smell still......

I think i read it on autospeed.. not sure, as it was a while ago.

18-03-03, 00:45
I read in street commodores, that there are a couple around which are basically still wrapped in plastic and stored in a shed.

18-03-03, 07:43
that car above sounds like the one that was for sale for 50k west of sydney at the dealer. someone has bought it and now theyre trying to offload for $75k?

there was also a guy who wrote in a letter to street commos saying he bought a walky brand new, put it on a trailor, took it to his parents place, stuck it on stands and it hasn't moved since, and it has 20kms on teh clock. has all original paperwork/advertising material/pamphlets etc.

18-03-03, 12:14
ffffaaaaarrrrkkk now thats keen throwing it on stands and never driving it, i just can't justify spending big bucks on a car and throwin it in a garage to make it a shelf. Just like a mate of mine his old man bought a GTHO back in the hay days drove it for a bit rebuild it about 6 times after it got ripped and now all it does is it collects ducst bird **** and used as a storage shelf in his garage

18-03-03, 17:42
Yeah I recall reading that Sin, wouldn't be a bad feature with the story behind it

19-03-03, 20:21
Ummm some people would do it as a bit of and investment like the examle above.

03-04-03, 21:00
waste of money i reckon u buy a car and u drive it for every dying penny u put into it

03-04-03, 23:13
Some people can afford to keep a collectable in the garage all while also owning another ride for daily commuting

04-04-03, 11:01
A few days ago i got told about a genuine GTHO Phase 3 a mate of mine has just looked at.

It was in a garage behind a garage behind a garage! Have to remove the side of the garage to get it out even!

It's started every week but has been on blocks for over 10 years.

Only about 10-15,000 miles on it and he tells me it's absolutely brand new condition with even the stamps from the factory still on it!!

Hate to think what it would be worth but I asked him to pass on my offer of $50K

04-04-03, 18:42
My mate's old man has also got an XY GT HO Phase 3 in the garage. The car hasn't been started in many many year's and as for leaving the garage, it's been a good decade, so these sort of car's definately do exist.

11-04-03, 01:34
That walky for 75k has never been sold, origianally delivered to the dealership, never sold, as it say, still has the plastic on the seats with the lower lips in the plastic and not attatched.

11-04-03, 23:12
Umm though sooo since it was same dealer owner ship for 16 years.....

12-04-03, 10:08
The "new" Walkies that people are talking about here -- there has to be a couple of them. I picked up the "Street Commodores" magazine with the article people are referring to from a Salvos shop last week. I have the magazine at work and not here, so I can't be 100% accurate, but the magazine came out in 1998 (or maybe early 1999). There's a photo of the dash and the odometer shows between 400 and 500kms. The build number from memory was in the 400s. There was no plastic on the seats in the photos, and the dealer said in the article that he'd sell it for $50000. The article stated which dealer it was, but I can't remember now. I know it was a country dealer and not a metropolitan one.

12-04-03, 15:45
Yep that's the one I was originally thinking of

12-04-03, 17:26
Km: 335
Never driven, never registered,

ha ha, dont cars come from the dealer/factory registered?
its NEVER been driven yet has 335km's

13-04-03, 07:35
Say an ad yesterday in a Unique Cars or similar.

Parkside Autos at Arncliffe in Sydney had a brand new never registered Walky for sale. $40K approx from memory.

The mag was about 12 months old I think.

I expect the car may have been sold many times over already but just never registered. But then how do you know if it's ever been registered before? No way of knowing really.

So lets face it the cars aren't really 'brand new' they are 15 years old but they can be never registered.

13-04-03, 14:04
I rememeber seeing one with that many kilometre's for sale from Bathurst for $40k a while ago

18-04-03, 00:49
This is regarding when was the LAST Walky ever sold.
The answer IS from a small town about 40mins away from where i live
called Walla Walla, with a population of lessthan 1000 people.
The Walky was never sold, untill about a year and a half ago and it WAS the ONLY
walky in australia that still didnt have names in the owners book (or service manual or whatever it is called) and from memory i think it only had about 500kms on it (driven once in a while to keep the thing in working order).
The Town Walla Walla is about 40 mins north east of Albury/Wodonga.
The Walky was sold to a collector in SA, not sure of the exact pprice but it was for aroud the $50k mark. He hired a truck drove the truck over and put the walky on the back and drove back to SA.
This was the last walky to be sold, it had never had an owner beforehand, it had just been sitting in the dealership.

Sorry about the long post. :)

18-04-03, 00:51
And yes its the one in the old Street commodores magazine

18-04-03, 00:56
This WAS the LAST walky sold from a dealership. There were NO others left that
haddent had at least one owner, all had been sold at this point (year or 2 ago)

18-04-03, 17:15
They can still be had with virtually no km's on them, it's just that you gotta pay to play

28-04-03, 23:03
yer i think a good place to find a decent example would be ringing around to car collecters to see if they really wana part with a beast

29-04-03, 15:47
Unique car's has alway's got something in the way of shmick Walkinshaw's

29-04-03, 22:48
my mate nos a bloke who actually bought a gt back in the days threw it in a garag and belt a brick casing all the way around the car so if u wana get to it u gota brake down a wall, now imagine finding a walky like that

30-04-03, 15:30
My cousin's got one ;) Been on stand's in his garage for YEAR'S. My first ride in a Walkinshaw was back in 1990 in this car, when he bought it virtually brand new.

06-05-03, 15:49
i also have heard of that person putting on a trailer - into a garage- all oil and wheels off etc and wrapped up since, another thing i have heard is that there is a genuine original walky with under 10 kilometers on the clock at some holden showroom dealership in clayton somewhere- not sure if thats true tho -

06-05-03, 17:08
That would've been the guy that wrote into Street Commodores from S.A I think saying that he purchased the car brand new, had it towed to his parent's house, had it placed on stand's and has remained there to this day. I think he also invited them to verify that his story was true.

01-06-03, 00:53
MMM, all these conspiracies sound nice :D

03-06-03, 15:59
Good to know that one day we'd be able to still buy a fresh Walkinshaw from somewhere

05-06-03, 23:39
wont be so fresh dude the suspension would be up the creeck on it

06-06-03, 21:23
I know a guy who has a phase 3 buried in a container in the blue mountains!!!!!
now thats extreme.

15-06-03, 13:50
Now that's a bit extreme!

15-06-03, 13:51
wont be so fresh dude the suspension would be up the creeck on it

If the car's barely seen a road in it's life, it shouldn't be too bad.

26-06-03, 11:37
blue mountains is quite the stash point.

29-06-03, 11:22
Why, you know of more like this?

29-06-03, 20:33
I know of a genuine Phase 3 living in Western Sydney.

Very wealthy owner, it's looked away in a garage with about 10-15,000 miles on it. Still has the original ink check stamps visible on the rocker covers.

He has many other rare cars too.

30-06-03, 19:48
A car like that in top nick would be worth a bit.

01-06-04, 15:13
wont be so fresh dude the suspension would be up the creeck on it

if you were to put a walky or the likes up on stands since new, then decided to sell it or drive it or whatever, what damage/deterioration would you expect? Like what would you have to replace that gets stuffed up over time just sitting there??

For example, i had a calais turbo which spent alot of time sitting around and i had to change the centre bearing where the tailshaft sits as the mass over time warped it in that single direction, downwards! Had a shocking shudder under acceleration! I also think it had some effect on the diff side as well...

01-06-04, 15:44
AUS880, i know your' a collector of nice clean vlt's.

A year or so ago there was a genuine vl calais turbo down my way which was like a garaged car one owner, had less than 40,000km's k's genuine and a rare manual model, i think it was ice blue. I wanted it soo bad, it was asking for $17.5k back then and had trouble selling it, saw it advertised again for $14.5k six months later! If only i had the money! :(

02-06-04, 05:57
Brendon: I may have actually seen the car .. I was in Traralgon when I saw a MINT ice blue calais turbo that was being driven by an old lady! It looked totally original

02-06-04, 09:42
yeah i would say that's the one, and that's one nice car to buy! For sunday drives anyway.