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25-02-03, 20:34
Yeah I have a few questions about the great grey wonder.

One: Are the powersteering pump brackets on walkies different from any other commy?

Two: How do the jacks work on walkies. They must not be standard VL jacks as they would damage the bodykit?

Three: What are the original gearstick surround(rubber piece) and gearnob like.

Four: How dark are factory tinted windows?

And finally (for now). Are replacement walkinshaw suppliment handbook available?


26-02-03, 08:41
Ill answer the jack Qn.

If you look closely on the side skirts they have a little cut out which comes off to fit the jack. I think they have a normal VL jack.

26-02-03, 14:02
Wol is right... They use a standard VL jack... Side skirts allow this.

Im not sure about the power steering brackets, but I wouldnt think that they would be any different. But could be wrong.

The gearstick is slightly differnt (Tilts back), the gear knob is leather I think. The gearstick boot (Rubber surround) is the same as all other manual VL's.

Not sure how dark the windows ere from factory, but dealers would have changed the tint for the buyer.

As for the handbook, I dont think so, but try holden.

Hope this helps.

Walkinshaw wagon
02-03-03, 08:52
bro where abouts in nz are you from????

03-03-03, 15:27
Taupo. And I can't wait till they do up the race track down here. Their supposed to be putting in a Quarter mile, extending the track to 3km, perminent pit garages and onsite performance workshops.